10 best horror movies that question reality

10 best horror movies that question reality

There is a saying in the theater that the devil you know is safer than the one you don’t know. And not all horror movies They need to rely on scares, special effects, and free amounts of blood to be scary.

Sometimes it is more fun to simply skew the perception of the audience. Although not easy to manipulate, a horror movie’s sense of reality can make or break its fear factor.

The best entries in the genre will have audiences wondering how much is real, who is really in danger, how much is really a threat, and if it’s not all in someone’s fractured psyche in the best horror movies of all time.

Although the adaptation of Netflix from the horror classic of Shirley Jackson might be the most popular version, it’s one of the horror movies to watch tonight, the original featuring the headline Hill House made its debut in 1963.

Spectators will not find specters CGI no graphic special effects, but they will be treated with haunted events. on a more subtle scale. The reality is very suspicious, as a protagonist who suffers a past trauma is placed in a disturbing story.

Yes, things move on their own and spooky noises are heard, but viewers must wonder how much real supernatural activity is and how much is in Elanor’s imagination.

Pennywise It is 100% real, that fact is known from the beginning. But fans of both the book and the film adaptations will know that he’s not the only evil entity calling Derry home.

Of course, most of the terrifying images of IT! and the horrible encounters the Losers Club had are courtesy of a certain demonic clown, but what about the products of his own childhood trauma?

Pennywise might feed off these fears, but he doesn’t cause them alone. Since Henry Bowers and his gang of thugs to Beverly’s abusive father, the Losers carry some kind of emotional experiences that could trigger flashbacks and disturbing memories.

There’s definitely something supernatural at work in this haunting horror gem, but as with Pennywise, how much of this is really the monster’s fault in the Top 3 horror movie to watch in October?

Truth be told, the guilt and chaos may be due solely to the presence of Mr. Babadook, but pain and stress are known to cause many people to do things they shouldn’t.

The film is often considered an allegory of pain, the depression and cope with the loss. Amelia is already battling pain, insomnia, and a son with erratic behavior, making viewers wonder if Babadook is really possessing her or if it is a woman finally pushed to her breaking point.

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