10 British Royal Birthday Traditions The Crown Didn’t Show You

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The Crown, original from the streaming service Netflix, is currently positioned as one of the best series by bringing to the screen the life of one of the most important women in modern history, the Queen isabel II. It is no news that the royal family totally rejects this adaptation, since they do not agree with everything that is shown and more than once they have left them in a bad way.

To date we have four seasons and we wait for the fifth part of the story, which will focus on the events that took place in the 90s with the separation of Carlos and Lady Di, and their subsequent death. A sixth installment is also confirmed and it has already been revealed that it will be the last, despite requests from fans to show the current conflict between the queen, Harry and Meghan.

Far from the controversy between the creator Peter Morgan and the Royals, the program also reveals sides that not everyone knew about them. Previously we brought you the 10 unusual rules they have and now we bring you the same amount of curiosities, but about their traditions on birthdays that were not seen in the fiction of the platform. See what they are!

+10 British Royal Birthday Traditions

1. Queen Elizabeth has a double celebration: April is for her royal birth and June leads the public festivities known as Trooping the Color. There everyone enjoys a military parade with a horse drawn carriage ride and gathers on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to watch the flypast.

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2. Although it is similar to the first data, it is not the same at all. The monarch celebrate twice: on the day they were born and on the anniversary of their assumption of the throne.

3. Most celebrations are intimate and do not require a high budget: they are usually small parties with the most important members of the family.

4. However, there are large parties with many guests, which take place only on important occasions. An example of this is the 70th birthday of Prince Charles, where there were more than 6,000 attendees, a gala and a concert in his honor.

5. Each of the birthday children are portrayed on their special day in order to show how much they have grown year after year. Since the era of social media, these photos are posted for people to see.

6. The celebrations are low-budget, as we pointed out in a previous point, but that does not mean that there are some luxuries: the honoree has the option of having the cake they want, whatever the size, flavor or shape.

7. On some important occasions the royal is commemorated with his face on a coin. This is run by the Royal Mint and there are great collections dedicated to Prince George, Charles, to the Queen Mother for her 100th birthday.

8. Another important tradition within the nation is that on their birthdays the bells of Westminster Abbey ring, being the most representative building of the Angelican church.

9. By way of greeting, shots are fired from various places in the UK. The Tower of London, Hyde Park and Green Park are some of the locations. That’s 21 rounds, fired at 10-second intervals.

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10. Children are the most celebrated, although they will never have a big luxurious party, as they do not think it is appropriate. They only celebrate with a cake and tea after lunch.

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