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10 Essential Health Recommendations to Improve Your Well-being

Increasing Opportunities for Healthcare Entrepreneurs in Peru

In recent years, the number of healthcare professionals in Peru has increased, with nursing being the most popular choice. Despite the high number of registered nurses, there are still several business opportunities in the field of nursing that remain unexplored.

The Potential Of Nursing In Peru

Nursing is a crucial field in healthcare services around the world, with women accounting for more than 85% of nurses globally. In Peru, there are more than 110,000 registered nurses, indicative of the potential of this career.

Recommendations for Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Elena Zuñiga, a nurse and teacher at the Wiener Graduate School, has offered four key recommendations to healthcare entrepreneurs looking to set up their own business:

1. Strengthen Knowledge in Business Management and Strategic Management

It is essential for healthcare entrepreneurs to acquire knowledge in administration, finance, and accounting, to efficiently manage their nursing companies. It is equally important to develop leadership and human talent management skills to manage a successful business operation.

2. Overcome Obstacles and Stereotypes

Entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry need to address common obstacles, such as a lack of funding, gender-specific challenges, and social stigmas associated with nursing. Seeking financial inclusion and accessing business management education is key to overcoming these obstacles.

3. Identify Opportunities and Needs

Entrepreneurs should recognize the viability and necessity of their business ideas, considering demand and characterization. Evaluating the relevance of the idea amid economic crises and a dynamic environment is also important. Additionally, entrepreneurs should identify sustainable sources of financing, exercise leadership and find the right attitude and knowledge to execute their business vision.

4. Listen to Customers and Adapt

Establishing close communication with customers, listening to their needs and feedback to improve on their products or services offered, attracting new customers, as well as retaining them is essential for successful entrepreneurship. Professionals must prioritize listening to their clients to drive business growth and remain innovative.

With these recommendations, healthcare entrepreneurs in Peru can thrive and contribute to improving healthcare delivery by taking a step forward to establish their businesses.

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