10 expansions and DLC from 2022 you can’t miss

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Talk about downloadable content it always generates suspicions and it is normal after years of controversy and dozens of cases in which we have been tried to sell nougat at the price of caviar, or in which the existence of DLC has supposed trimming the base content. However, it is no less true that there are also many examples of wonderful additional content that we will take to forget. That’s when we grant it the expansion condition to the DLC, as a decoration in our vocabulary. And although only time will tell if they are one thing or another, the truth is that 2022 is full of updates for some of our favorite games and most of them look great. Let’s go with a quick review of top 10 expansions and DLC of 2022.

Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea

  • January 6, 2022 / 4.99 euros

The first of all will arrive soon, almost as if it were a gift from kings. It stars Dead Cells, one of the best games indie, metroidvania y roguelike of the last years. Or what the hell, from history. After The Bad Seed Y Fatal Falls, the title will close his “DLC trilogy” with The Queen and the Sea. It is a new payment expansion that will cost 4.99 euros and will add, among many other things, a new ending to the game, two new biomes (Infested Shipwreck and El Faro), as well as more weapons, enemies and pets. Even so, not even The Queen and the Sea will be an end to Dead Cells, as its creators have confirmed that it will continue to receive other completely free updates throughout 2022, such as the recent Everyone is Here, in which a crossover con Hollow Knight, Blasphemous y Guacamelee.

Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court

  • February 8, 2022 / 29.99 euros

In our analysis of the original game, back in 2020, we were very clear: “Crusader Kings III is a new benchmark for the strategy genre”. The Paradox title was brilliant for us (for sample 9 that was taken), although we miss some elements. They prevented him from taking even more notice of details such as the scant attention and presence of the economic and commercial aspects, the lack of innovation in military stuff and the shallow depth of its religious and civil themes. As well, Royal Court comes to correct all that. The expansion, which will arrive in February at a price of 29.99 euros, will add, among many other things, a new dueling system, a fascinating throne room packed with new mechanics, the ability to spend and dispose of gold, as well as a important update in the cultural aspect that will allow a more in-depth investigation of the different values, traditions and pillars of the population. Can one ask for more? It is an indispensable stop for fans of the genre and the saga.

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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

  • February 22, 2022 / 39.99 euros

A year and a half have passed since Beyond Light, so Destiny 2 fans are thirsty for significant news and that is precisely what we can expect from The Witcher Queen, the new expansion of the game of Bungie. It will be the starting gun for the final stretch of the title, which will be crowned with two other DLC: Eclipse in 2023 Y The Final Shape en 2024. After them, this first story arc of the franchise will be closed, started in 2014 with the first Destiny, and the developer will fulfill its promise of a “a game for the next ten years“There are a few years full of news and very emotional in the universe of the Guardians. The Witch Queen seems the right moment to re-engage. As always, it will bring with it a new campaign and hours and hours of gameplay with new classes, weapons, enemies, challenges and an unpublished system of creation till the date. It will be released on February 22 at a price of 39.99 euros.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök

  • March 10, 2022 / 39.99 euros

As Assassin’s Creed Infinity goes a long way and Valhalla has been so well received, Ubisoft has decided to extend the life of the game more than usual. After a year of expansions and new features like the rest of the Assassins (don’t miss the recent crossover between Eivor and Kassandra), Valhalla will go into unknown territory and will be the first to have a Year 2, starring the Dawn of Ragnarök expansion. This will arrive on March 10 at a price of 39.99 euros. Expensive? Depending on how you look at it, Ubisoft defines the DLC as “the most ambitious expansion in the history of the saga “. It will have more than 35 hours of gameplay and will focus on Norse mythology. His adventures and misadventures will allow us to travel the fantastic realms of Asgard, Jotunheim y Svartalheim meeting all kinds of gods and fighting creatures never seen before. And the best thing is that to defeat them we will have new powers, such as the possibility of turn into a raven and perform aerial assassinations as such, a special bow that grants teleportation and the ability to resurrect enemies. It couldn’t look better:

Bugsnax: The Island of BIGsnax

  • Early 2022 / Free

It was one of the first gifts for PlayStation Plus subscribers with a PS5 and, to the surprise of many, Bugsnax earned a place in our hearts with its nice and simple proposal, with a certain aroma of Pokémon. That is why we will be delighted to return to the game with The Island of BIGsnax, a completely free expansion that will take us to a new biome, add a dozen bugsnax and more than 100 challenges and 30 missions in which to know the background of the original characters. It will also add an edit mode to set up our own house on the island and decorate it to our liking with more than 200 objects. As if transforming our body into a vegetable were not enough!

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Top Gun

  • May 27, 2022 / Price unknown

The mythical Top Gun, the movie starring Tom Cruise y Kelly McGillis, was going to have a sequel in theaters this same 2021 called Top Gun: Maverick and set 35 years after the original story. However, the coronavirus and the very delicate situation of movie theaters forced to adjust the calendar and postpone its premiere. From the hand of your delay The one for this expansion arrived, Microsoft Flight Simulator Top Gun, as it will be closely related to the film. In fact, that is the only thing we know of this DLC, which will have an important link with the movie. But after what Asobo Studio achieved with the game itself, we don’t need more to trust them. We put ourselves in your hands and write this update as the perfect excuse to return get lost in the technical show of the developer.

The Big Update for eFootball 2022

  • Spring 2022 / Free

Worse than staying with one man less in the 10th minute of the game. TO Konami everything has gone wrong with eFootball 2022, the first installment of the saga Pro Evolution Soccer after the name change and the jump to a business model free to play (free, but with microtransactions). The game came full of bugs that gave rise to dozens of memes and taunts on the internet that tormented the brand for a long time. Nonetheless, the japanese company does not throw in the towel and prepares a big update that will add all the missing content and correct (or so it promises) the myriad problems of the output version. It was scheduled for November of this year, but the task was of such magnitude that Konami ended up postponing it until spring 2022, not without first apologizing over and over for what happened. Technically not an expansion but a free update, but let’s admit octopus as a pet. We really want to see what eFootball ends up being and more after redemption stories like No Man’s Sky or Final Fantasy XIV.

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course

  • June 30, 2022 / Price unknown

We have been waiting for Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course for more than three years and if necessary we would wait another three more (although we better not give ideas …). Precisely the wait has shown the lack of alternatives to the game from Studio MDHR. There are not many more titles that dare to offer that precious living tribute to animation of the thirties and the rush-bosses. This expansion will finally go on sale on June 30, will feature “even more imaginative bosses” and will add a new playable character, Mr Chalice. Companion of Cuphead y Mugman (and protagonist of the first trailer of the game, from the distant E3 2018), Mr. Chalice will have your own gameplay and you have at your disposal a special double jump that we can use to return to complete the challenges of the original adventure. The expansion will add a new island to the map of Inkwell in which we will find, according to its developers, the “most extravagant and monstrous” bosses in the entire game and new weapons, items and minigames.

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

  • Summer 2022

Monster Hunter Rise is not only a great game, but also one of the most successful of the saga. Specifically, it is the third best-selling delivery with more than 7.3 million units placed on the market. No wonder then that Capcom Y Nintendo have wanted perpetuate the hunt And that’s what Sunbreak will do when it reaches us in summer 2022. This expansion wants to be to Monster Hunter Rise the same as Iceborne to Monster Hunter World, which is already guarantee of your ambition and amount of content. The DLC will give access to new stories, scenarios, missions and monsters, as well as additional mechanics with which to enrich (even more) the gameplay and the rest of the content.

DLC for the big names of 2021

There is one last spot left as a hodgepodge for those games that have been promised DLC for the new year, but of which we still do not have too many details. This is the Resident Evil 8 case, which we will follow very closely after RE7’s remarkable recordings, or the case of one of the best games of the year, Forza Horizon 5, whose saga usually renew content the summer after its launch. But here we also find downloadable content for GhostRunner (Project Hel is the name of its first expansion and will land in January) or Resident Evil 4 VR (which will incorporate the Mercenaries mode in 2022). But if two names stand out in this section, even though they are not expansions, those are those of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3. After a complicated year for CD Project RED, the Polish developer hopes redeem yourself with the next gen update of both games. A long-awaited set-up that would allow us to forget about the bugs of the first and enjoy the rest of its excellent sections. And as for the second … well, you know, there is never enough Geralt.


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