10 movies in the pure Matrix style that will help us last until the premiere of Resurrections

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December 17, 2021. That will be one of the best Christmas gifts for many viewers. The day we finally get to enjoy Matrix Resurrections in theaters, the long-awaited return of one of the most beloved and successful franchises in movie history. But there is still a little left, and you have to endure the weeks and months that remain as you can. That is why we wanted to compile 10 films in the pure Matrix style that we recommend to liven up the wait.

Evidently, it is a very personal list, so you may like more or less the selection of movies. The similarities with the Matrix franchise, whether major or minor, are explained. Go marking these films on the calendar because if you organize yourself well, you will get to the premiere of Matrix Resurrections almost without realizing it.


We started strong with Pi, Darren Aronofsky’s 1998 film that many of us have had to see more than once to fully understand. It is not that it resembles the Matrix in that, but it will appeal to those viewers who adore complicated plots where the protagonist performs an incessant search that ends up being much more dangerous and important than he intended … Does the number Pi hide the meaning of life or the very name of God? There it is, in case you feel like it.

The island

If you like science fiction and thrillers, seasoned with a direction and production by Michael Bay, The island it’s your movie. Starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson, the film takes us to a very organized and excessively structured world, which the protagonist will soon question. Is the island real? A true tribute to the great science fiction films of the 60s and 70s that, without a doubt, you can like if you are into the Matrix universe.

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One of the great works of Christopher Nolan, which like all his work, leaves no one indifferent. On Origin the world of dreams is the protagonist, because the main character (played by Leonardo Di Caprio) is able to enter them to discover and reveal the darkest secrets of their bearers … One of his jobs gets complicated when he discovers that someone it has the ability to predict your every move. Interesting, full of good action scenes, intriguing and quite crazy.

12 monkeys

There is always a good excuse to recommend 12 Monkeys, and although it differs a lot in its form and structure from what the Matrix franchise proposes, it is a real marvel if you like science fiction. Set in the near future, we delve into the search for a vaccine after a deadly pandemic. Ending the virus will be more complicated than it seems …


It is impossible Equilibrium do not remember the Matrix, and it is a good story capable of successfully materializing some of your ideas. War has managed to eliminate itself from the planet by eradicating all emotions, banning all forms of art and culture. Christian Bale is the protagonist of the story, who plays a government agent who is in charge of punishing those who break these rules. What have you wanted to see it?

Hidden destination

Although it is much lighter than other examples on the list, Hidden destination it is another good sample of a well executed science fiction. Matt Damon and Emily Blunt star in this interesting story, where it seems that different supernatural forces try to separate these two characters when they meet … what are the causes and what is really happening?

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Dark City

A sunless world full of creepy beings. A man who struggles to remember his past. These are just a few ingredients in the brutal story of Dark City, with a character who wakes up without memories and is chased by a macabre murderer. If you like stories like The Matrix in which the puzzle of his world is gradually coming together until the truth is discovered, you will love Alex Proyas’ film.

John Wick

Okay, we have put this on the list for Keanu Reeves. But it is one of the funniest and best-shot action sagas in recent years. If you want to see again the actor who plays Neo handing out milk and hitting shots in movies that are really worth it, give him a try. John Wick if you haven’t had the taste yet.


Indispensable if you are into stories where you continually wonder if what you are seeing is real, no, or everything is a game. On existence, Jude Law plays a video game designer, who enters a virtual world that seems absolutely real. When is he out and when is he in this video game? What really happens and what isn’t? A madness that we strongly recommend.

Mr. Nobody

Red or blue pill? The history of the Matrix is ​​based on that decision. On Mr. Nobody that concept of the protagonist played by Jared Leto is constantly being played with. Will he stay with his mother or with his father? That choice will completely change your future in an enigmatic way, in a film that exudes mystery on all four sides and whose complexity is savored with great pleasure.

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And these have been our choices. What do you think? Are you going to choose one to liven up the wait until Matrix Resurrections? The comments are open if you want to make any suggestions or recommend any other movie.

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