10 Natural Tricks to Whiten Bath Towels

Every day we use the towels to dry our body or face.

However, many people do not wash these pieces frequently and yellow stains, caused by the smell of humidity, do not take long to appear.

Get to know a very practical cleaning trick to whiten your towels in simple steps.

Everyone has towels at home, but we hardly ever clean them thoroughly. We use them to dry our bodies, which causes them to develop a characteristic musty smell and, if they are not washed frequently, they stain easily. In order not to spoil the appearance of the towels, especially white ones, it is preferable to wash them with frequency. In this way, you will prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

Follow these steps to whiten your towels

Follow these tips recommended by the content creator Val Barrales to whiten your towels:

  • Wash your towels with white soap as you normally do
  • Then transfer the towels in a bucket with water and ¼ table salt and ¼ cup baking soda. You can substitute the salt for white vinegar to obtain better results and the fabric of the towel softens
  • Leave it soaking for an hour and, after rinsing, leave it soaking in the sun
  • If you want to reuse the water, clean your patio or the floors of your house with the help of a broom

Which are the best towels for drying off?

Combed cotton towels are considered to be the best for drying the body: they have the longest fibers and are softer and more absorbent.

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How do you know which towels are good?

You can bet on 100% cotton towels that are more resistant, thicker, fluffier, and pleasant to the touch than other products like this on the market. In fact, these, in particular, are very absorbent.

How long should you leave the towel on your hair?

Generally, 15 minutes will be enough for the towel to retain moisture and absorb excess water from your scalp: this should work as a turban to shorten the drying time.

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