10 Signs your Boss is About to Fire you

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Many people are sure that a person who has achieved a leadership position is a strong professional, confident in themselves and their competence. This can be far from the truth in many cases. 

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about React freelance jobs or any other position: problems with superiors very often arise precisely among people who have excellent professional skills and knowledge. The boss sees a competitor in such an employee because inherently they lack confidence. The boss is in a hurry to get rid of a “smart” employee, as they see such an employee as a threat. 

Recognizing such a situation is very simple if you know the signs of an impending dismissal. Understanding the problem allows you to properly respond to it. In some cases, layoffs can be prevented, and in some cases, it is possible to change jobs in a timely manner. In such cases, you can use the EPAM Anywhere platform to search for jobs.

10 Signs an Insecure Boss Wants to Fire You

First of all, never try to please the boss by appearing dumber and less competent than you are. This will lead to burnout, low self-esteem, and even depression. There is always a way out of a difficult situation, but first, it is important to understand that this is exactly the situation you’re dealing with.

1. Your boss unreasonably criticizes you in front of other employees

Your boss can speak negatively about your behavior, clothes, or hairstyle behind your back, avoiding direct confrontation with you and even appearing friendly.

2. Your opinion is not taken into account

This is especially true for professional moments and work issues that are within your competence. Innovations, improvements, and optimizations coming from you are ignored.

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3. Your boss keeps you busy

At the same time, you are loaded with such a workload that you obviously cannot cope with it. Most often, the most insignificant and routine tasks are assigned, distracting from the main duties.

4. Your achievement and results are ignored

Solving complex problems, successfully negotiating with customers, and bringing profit to the company — no positive results of your work are celebrated, either financially or verbally. This is not the surest sign of impending dismissal, but an alarming signal that you need to pay attention to.

5. Your boss takes credit for your accomplishments

To the higher authorities, the boss passes off your successes as their own. If this is your situation and you’re content with it, you are sure to stay in the company because you are profitable for the boss. If not and you are trying to prove that these are your achievements, the manager will fire you without regret.

6. The leader becomes unavailable to you

Your boss avoids personal meetings, does not answer phone calls or message you. The main thing here is to figure it out, maybe the boss is very busy during this period. If not, there is a sign of an imminent dismissal.

7. You are denied access to higher management

You are no longer invited to important meetings where issues within your competence are discussed. You cannot contact important people in your company through their assistants or in person, although there were no special problems with this before.

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8. The boss creates an unbearable atmosphere in your workplace

It becomes difficult to work or even unsafe. This is a difficult situation, from which sometimes the only way out is quitting.

9. The boss harms your professional reputation

The boss might be spreading false information about your incompetence. Such a problem, if not addressed in a timely manner, can harm your work, not only in your current company but also in your career in general.

10. The boss is manipulative

Your boss might be provoking others against you, making it almost impossible for you to have healthy relationships in your workplace. By making others turn their back on you, they might succeed in displacing you and get away with it.

The main thing to say is that if you notice several of these signs, you have been warned. And who is forewarned is forearmed. If you want to stay in your current company, look for ways to neutralize your boss’s attempts. If not, look for a new job, because most of the changes that occur in life are for the better.

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