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10 Thrilling Shark Movies You Must Watch

Shark Week, the annual week-long phenomenon, kicks off this Sunday. Traditionally, this event is centered on TV programming on the Discovery Channel, offering a plethora of shark-focused features.

Debuting in 1988, Shark Week has since become a highly anticipated event each year. For those interested in extending their shark-related viewing beyond TV shows, here are ten movies where the deep sea’s most cunning predators take center stage.

In 1999’s “Deep Blue Sea,” a remote underwater research facility becomes a battleground. Scientists studying mako sharks for potential Alzheimer’s disease cures find their excitement short-lived when a shark bites off a scientist’s arm. Chaos ensues as the genetically engineered sharks wreak havoc, flooding the facility and turning it into a deadly trap. Featured sharks: mako sharks. Available for rent on Apple TV or Prime Video for $3.99.

“Fin,” a 2021 documentary by horror filmmaker Eli Roth, delves into the grim fate of millions of sharks killed yearly. Roth teams up with scientists, researchers, and activists to uncover the tragic reality. Featured sharks: multiple species. Available to stream on Max and Prime Video.

The classic 1975 film “Jaws,” adapted from a 1974 novel, features a great white shark terrorizing the shores of Amity Island. When the local sheriff discovers a victim’s remains, he joins forces with a marine biologist and a shark hunter to protect the town. Featured sharks: great white shark, tiger shark. Available to stream on Peacock.

“The Meg” (2018) tells the story of sea diver Jonas Taylor who, while rescuing a submarine crew, encounters a prehistoric, 75-foot megalodon shark. Years later, he faces the same giant predator again, this time with a scientific team, intent on preventing further carnage. Featured shark: megalodon shark. Available on Max.

Inspired by real events, 2003’s “Open Water” tells a harrowing tale of Daniel and Susan, left stranded during a scuba diving trip. Abandoned in the Caribbean Sea, they face the terrifying prospect of surviving shark-infested waters. Featured sharks: unspecified, but numerous. Available on Max.

In 2016’s “The Shallows,” Nancy travels to a secluded Mexican beach to find solace after her mother’s death. While surfing, a great white shark attacks her, forcing her to use her wits and medical knowledge to survive while stranded on a rock 200 yards from shore. Featured shark: great white shark. Available on Tubi.

For a lighter take, 2004’s animated film “Shark Tale” follows Oscar, a fish who falsely gains a reputation as a shark slayer. Together with Lenny, a vegetarian great white shark trying to escape his mob family, they navigate adventures under the sea. Featured sharks: great white shark, leopard shark, hammerhead shark. Available on Peacock.

“Sharknado” (2013) brings a unique twist to shark films with a hurricane that hurls sharks onto the Californian coast, causing shark-infested tornadoes. Surfer Fin and his friends must save Los Angeles from this airborne menace. Featured sharks: various species. Available on Shudder.

“Under Paris,” set to release in 2024, introduces Sophia, a marine researcher, who discovers a mako shark in the Seine River. With Paris hosting the World Triathlon Championships, she battles to prevent the event from turning into a shark attack crisis. Featured shark: mako shark. Available on Netflix.

The 2017 thriller “47 Meters Down” tells the story of sisters Kate and Lisa, whose vacation in Mexico turns nightmarish when they go cage diving. The cage descends to the ocean floor, and they must find a way to the surface before their oxygen runs out. Featured sharks: great white sharks. Available on Starz.

Source: USA Today