10 tips to decorate a child’s room in an ecological way

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10 tips to decorate a child's room in an ecological way

The ecological furniture they seem to be more and more varied. Whole-house furniture that’s not just good for him environmentThey are also pretty, trendy, and often cheaper than you might think. Therefore, they can be a good option for a children’s bedroom so take note because we offer you now 10 tips to decorate a child’s room in an ecological way.

10 tips to decorate a child’s room in an ecological way

Increasing attention to health and the environment has also revolutionized the world of furniture. Therefore, they appear furniture made from recycled wood or eco-friendly materials As the bamboo , assembled with glues that do not emit formaldehyde and colored with non-toxic paints. Furniture that is definitely perfect to decorate the bedroom of our son or daughter.

Choosing ecological furniture for the children’s bedroom will not only allow your son or daughter grows up in a healthier and more natural environment, but it will also allow you to start educate the kids so that they respect natural resources.

On the other hand, the decoration of our children’s room is very important. This is where the baby will spend most of his time during the first months and years of life.. The choice of natural furniture and accessories, which are not processed with chemical products, allows the child to breathe healthy air and parents are more relaxed. Therefore, we want to offer you below, a series of ctips to furnish the bedroom in a natural and ecological way.

  1. All eco-friendly furniture must comply with European and international standards, evaluated by accredited institutes. Therefore, check that the furniture is up to standard and also has the appropriate certification that in the case of wooden furniture must carry the FSC and PEFC certification. If instead it is an eco-design furniture, it will have to have the C2C (Cradle to Cradle) certification or they can also be marked with the ISO regulations that certify sustainable production and that are: ISO 14062 or ISO 14001.
  2. It is also necessary check that there are no chemicals irritants or even potentially carcinogens, such as formaldehyde.
  3. Prefer furniture and decoration accessories made with natural materials, such as natural wood, from reforestable forests and handled responsibly.
  4. Make sure the furniture They do not contain heavy metals, such as chromium and lead. They emit harmful substances such as solvents, VoC, phthalates and allergenic substances such as spores, molds and fungi.
  5. For bedroom lights, it is better to prefer energy-saving light bulbs or led lamps.
  6. Pay attention to the type of glue that has been used, as well as metal joints, which can be replaced by wooden joints, dovetail type.
  7. Choose one-component water-based paints, without the addition of chemical solvents, which reduce the emission of harmful substances by up to 95% compared to the use of traditional solvent-based paints.
  8. Regarding the fabrics, for the bed, rugs and curtains, you prefer fibers of natural originl, possibly organic, such as cotton, hemp, and linen.
  9. For the floors, it is advisable to opt for bamboo or a wooden parquet recycled, natural and comfortable, especially when the baby begins to crawl and take his first steps.
  10. Avoid placing electrical appliances like televisions or computers inside the bedroom. You will avoid electromagnetic pollution.

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