100 Bugatti Chiron left to be manufactured The end of the W16?

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As announced at the time by the brand at the time of launch of the model, the production of the Bugatti Chiron is limited to only 500 units and, although not all have yet been manufactured, the Molsheim house has already manufactured the 400th example.

The unit in question is a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport with carbon fiber body painted in green, black magnesium wheels and an interior in ‘Beluga Black’ tone, with contrasting elements in the same green tone of the exterior.

This Chiron SS also features several specific carbon fibre elements and incorporates the brand’s ‘Sky View’ split panoramic roof, which brings light to the luxurious cabin.

According to the brand, assembling the 1,800 components of the model requires 20 specialists. “Every part of the Chiron is a masterpiece of engineering, and bringing it all together requires the world’s most dedicated and experienced specialists,” said Bugatti President Christophe Piochon.

With such figures, it announces a crazy acceleration from 0 to 300 km / h in just 12.1 seconds, in addition to a maximum speed of 440 km / h. Of course, of the Chiron Super Sport only nine copies will be manufactured, all already sold, being the one of the images one of them.

Now, therefore, the manufacturer of the Volkswagen Group must continue the production of the remaining 100 Chiron to finalize the quota of the model, before it leaves the production line and gives way to the Bugatti Mistral, also equipped with the powerful W16 engine.

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