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100 days to fall in love leaves Netflix: the reasons

The arrival of 100 days to fall in love with Netflix in September 2020 surprised locals and strangers: the series had passed without pain or glory on Telemundo and months later it became the most viewed on the platform at the regional level. The show’s craze was repeated with the second season released in 2021. However, the streaming service made the decision to remove the show from its catalog next week. What happened?

Mexican production was positioned between the most viewed last year in your country and was ranked among the most chosen in all Latin America for weeks. Its success even caused cast members to mock the haters the series had garnered from its TV premiere. In February 2021 the most episodes arrived and they were also a trend, but totime Netflix will have to part with them.

From August 20th, the platform it will no longer have the 57 chapters of its first season. In turn, the 35 that the second has will still be available although you must hurry if you are still for part 1. The determination of the company of the N corresponds to the expiration of its retransmission contract.

Why does Netflix take 100 days to fall in love?

Netflix regularly takes content that is not its ownBut once the agreements are over, they must leave the library. Every month it has a renewal with titles that leave and others that enter. In addition to the Mexican series, in August he had to start events such as Suicide Squad, V de Venganza and Rango.

Will there be a third season of 100 days to fall in love?

At the moment, neither Telemundo nor Netflix spoke about a possible third season of 100 days to fall in love. The truth is that the plot of the series ended with the first 92 episodes, left nothing pending and also included the word “END”. To resume the story, the series should be reformulated, although it would not be the first time that Netflix has done it before a success of such magnitude: The Money Heist is the example that lights a light of hope for the current continuation.


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