12 Best Educational Shows on Netflix 

As a student, learning through videos is quite interesting! It breaks the monotony of conventional classes. Your parents will feel great knowing that you are learning something from online videos and not only getting entertained. Also, for a teacher, videos are an innovative way of helping students grasp concepts learned in class. 

Netflix is a viewing service that makes award-winning movies, TV series, documentaries, animation, and other content available worldwide. You can stream as much as you wish, anytime, without ever seeing an advertisement for an affordable monthly fee.

The onset of Covid-19 intensified homeschooling and online learning, thus leading to high consumption of educational videos. These videos can take up most of your time; therefore, you may need assistance with your essays. You might be wondering, “can an essay writers service write essays for me on time?” The answer is Yes! These are professional writers who are well equipped to deliver timely and quality work.

Read on to learn about some educational shows and films that have been hand-picked to guarantee your valuable time is not lost and online learning opportunities are maximized.

A Black History Guide By  Kevin Hart

Comedian Kevin Hart puts his hilarity to good use by educating audiences about some of history’s underappreciated black heroes. This well-known comic discusses their unique contributions to African-American history. 

The film tells the story of the first black man to reach the North Pole, the first black lady who aspired to be an astronaut, and many other black heroes who are little known. Comedy is the genre of the guide, which lasts 1 hour and 3 minutes.

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Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

Have you ever asked yourself how Bill Gates managed to be the world’s wealthiest individual for the 16th time? The series will reveal how this billionaire lives, thinks, and the target he is still visualizing. It is a 56-minute biographical documentary with three episodes.

Sentence Termination

This film is about a group of women who join hands to combat the myth that menstruation is a taboo subject. The ladies construct a machine to produce low-cost and inexpensive menstruation pads for rural Indian women. The film has been picked for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short at the 91st Academy Awards. It is a 26-minute documentary that you may view from the comfort of your room.

The White Helmets 

This 40-minute documentary is about a group of volunteers who risked their lives to save victims amid Syria’s ongoing civil conflict. The show is a must-see since it gives you a different perspective on your everyday life. You will be grateful for the food on your table, glad for the liberty you have, and the future ahead of you.

The Art of Design 

The documentary series is in its 14th season and lasts roughly 45 minutes. It demonstrates how artists perceive the world and how their creations are affected.

The documentary follows painters Tinker Hatfield, Ilse Crawford, Ruth Carter, and Christoph Niemann as they examine where they draw their inspiration before making a classic. Ruth Carter is a Black Panther costume designer.

Dancing with the Birds

Dancing With The Birds, voiced by Emmy Award winner Stephen Fry, showcases everyone’s beloved birds and their breathtakingly entertaining mating routines, ranging from form altering to flash dancing. From nailing their glorious wooing dances to ruffling their beautiful feathers, our avian companions go about their day in this colorful, humorous video.

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Engineering Our World, Dream Big

This 42-minute video demonstrates how engineers address present issues, transform the world, and address future difficulties. It will explain how they guarantee that structures such as dams, skyscrapers, and even hot air balloons are stable and do not endanger people. This program is a must-see if you aspire to be an engineer.

Our Planet

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-holding-black-iphone-5-5081416/

This Netflix series is similar to Planet Earth in that it earnestly urges you to consider how human actions are endangering the environment and creatures featured in the series.

WWII’s Most Important Events in Color

This historical documentary series reveals the events of World War 2, with an episode running for 50 minutes. Events such as the Nazi invasion of Europe, the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. You should watch this series since it will teach you how history impacts the world.


This documentary series delves into and explores various issues, including the K-pop business, diamonds, cryptocurrencies, the beauty industry, and the world’s water problem. It also examines issues in the music business, why women get fewer wages, tattoos, aliens, and marijuana. It is a beautiful documentary to watch since it touches on a diverse range of subjects.

The Most Extraordinary Houses in the World

The show exhibits the world’s most impressive and gorgeous homes, including Norway, Israel, Spain, Japan, India, Switzerland, the United States, and  Portugal. The episodes expose the characteristics of spectacular views. If you aspire to be an interior designer one day, this show is for you since you will gain more knowledge about what defines a home.

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Coronavirus: An Overview

This scientific series is 26 minutes long. It goes through Covid-19 symptoms, what the virus is all about, and treatment. Also, how to deal with mental health difficulties while in quarantine. Although there’s awareness of aspects of the pandemic, this video will further detail how the viral breakout became a worldwide crisis.

Final Thoughts

Technological advancements have made learning more enjoyable. In this case, the use of educational shows on Netflix. And now you have a guide on some of the best shows that can expand your knowledge. As a bonus, you will also become a better essay writer as you will have lots of general knowledge to back up your ideas. 

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