“12 Must-Have Household Products You Can’t Miss on Amazon”

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12 Viral TikTok Products for Your Home

If you have a love/hate relationship with TikTok because you love the content, but you know you shouldn’t spend so much time on the app, you’re not the only one. In any case, you may have noticed that users TikTok users are increasingly obsessed with trying out products of everything from mascara for long, curly lashes to weighted hula hoops for getting in shape at home. However, some of the best and most useful TikTok products are for the home and are available on Amazon.

There’s even a “TikTok made me buy it” tag with which users showcase their most noteworthy purchases on the social network. It’s also likely that you’ve seen or purchased some great products while endlessly scrolling through the “For You” page. In fact, who hasn’t bought the galaxy projector yet?

Below you can discover some of Amazon’s most useful viral TikTok products for your home. We promise you that they are really worth it.

1. TailaiMei sponge to clean makeup brushes

This makeup brush cleaning sponge that doubles as a wringer holder will make that chaotic task easier for you.

Price: US$9 at Amazon

2. Saucemoto holder for sauce containers

TikTokers and anyone who’s ever tried eating chicken nuggets in a car has to thank the genius who invented these dip container holders. In fact, you can place them in the vents of your car.

Price: US$9 US$13 at Amazon

3. Shower Cat to catch hair and protect the drain

Your shower drain won’t clog again thanks to this cute cat-shaped gadget. We spare you all the blabbering – we love it.

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Price: $14 at Amazon

4. Aromatherapy Shower Steamer

Speaking of showers, TikTokers say these dissolving mists are the easiest option for a spa day without a tub.

Price: US$19 US$39 at Amazon

5. Bubble-shaped candle

Why are these bubble candles so cute?

Price: US$11 US$19 at Amazon

6. Vdomus acrylic bathroom shelves

If your bathroom is short on storage space, these sturdy acrylic shelves are the stylish solution.

Price: US$32 US$43 at Amazon

7. Waterproof wall phone mount

Yes, now you can catch up on the Succession series while you shower. You will love it!

Price: $13 at Amazon

8. Moon-shaped lamp

Everyone on TikTok says it’s so much more fun than a regular nightlight.

Price: $16 $19 at Amazon

9. Farberware Countertop Portable Dishwasher

Don’t have a dishwasher and are too lazy to do the dishes? We’re not going to judge you, but you’re lucky this mini portable dishwasher exists.

Price: US$379 US$399 at Amazon

10. The Pink Stuff Cleaner

This pink thing gets rid of all the dirt. Absolutely EVERYTHING.

Price: $5 at Amazon

11. Women’s Seasum High Waist Yoga Pants

Yes, these leggings are so viral they’re still popular even three years later in the home goods category. And it is that domestic comfort begins with the clothes to be at home.

Price: $17 at Amazon

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These viral TikTok products prove the power of social media. From magnetic car phone holders to cute cat-shaped shower catchers, these products have become must-haves for any TikToker. Check them out on Amazon and let TikTok spice up your home life.

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