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12 Wildest Meet-and-Greet Moments Between Rappers and Fans

For die-hard music fans, meeting their favorite artists during a special event can almost feel surreal. Sometimes, people use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to express admiration for their go-to musician or to give them something unique. Other times, however, a fan or artist can be completely taken by surprise by something wild that transpires during a meet-and-greet.

One artist who strives to create an unforgettable experience for his fans is Chris Brown. Although the fee to meet the Grammy-award-winning rap singer is pretty hefty, his fans think the $1,111 price tag is worthwhile. During his 11:11 Tour stop in Detroit on June 7, viral photos showed Chris Brown grabbing fans’ rear-ends and even landing a few kisses.

Meanwhile, Moneybagg Yo was at a loss for words during one of his meet-and-greets last December. As he was signing autographs at a liquor store, a process server pretending to be a fan served the rapper court papers for not performing at a concert.

In the heat of the moment, meet-and-greets can even become chaotic. In 2016, Desiigner was forced to shut down his meet-and-greet at the CambridgeSide mall in Cambridge, Mass. after a large group of eager fans became too rowdy and started vandalizing stores.

Some concertgoers even use the timed meet-ups to highlight their talents. In June, a Fredo Bang fan decided to tussle with the rapper in an attempt to show off his wrestling skills. Lil Baby also got to witness a person’s music chops after they attempted to sing for him. The rapper was ultimately unimpressed and jokingly turned them away.

Overall, meet-and-greets are quite unpredictable and can either go good or bad for your favorite artists.

Desiigner experienced one of the wilder sides of meet-and-greets in 2016 when his event was shut down by police due to unruly fans. Another chaotic moment occurred in 2017 when Gucci Mane stood his ground against fur protestors who disrupted his meet-and-greet.

Not all meet-and-greet moments are negative. For instance, during a 2022 meet-and-greet, a fan proposed to his girlfriend in front of Snoop Dogg, adding a heartwarming twist to the event.

Yet, unpredictable moments continue to abound. In 2023, as Fabolous was connecting with fans, he learned about PNB Rock’s passing, casting a somber tone over the gathering. The same year, Moneybagg Yo encountered an unexpected moment when he was served court papers at what was supposed to be a fan engagement.

Not all artists have an easygoing experience. Lil Baby had a humorous exchange in 2023 when he hilariously turned away a fan who tried to impress him with their rapping skills. Shortly thereafter, 50 Cent met a young fan who showed up dressed exactly like him, creating a memorable moment for both.

Some requests from fans can be a bit outlandish, like when Key Glock had a fan ask for a risqué request in 2023. Things got even wilder with Fredo Bang’s meet-and-greet, where a fan wanted to wrestle him to showcase his skills.

Chris Brown’s meet-and-greet photos taken in 2024 continued to be unconventional, involving plenty of physical interaction, while Skilla Baby was moved to tears in 2024 after a fan gifted him flowers, showing the tender side of these gatherings.

Meet-and-greets between rappers and their fans can swing from heartwarming to outright chaotic, underscoring the unpredictable nature of such events.

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