15-minute cities dignify citizens

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Mérida (Mexico), Oct 7 (EFE) .- Traveling through cities where people have 15 minutes from home on foot or by bicycle, proximity services dignify the lives of citizens, said the creator of the idea, the Franco-Colombian professor Carlos Moreno.

“The 15-minute policy that we implement in some areas of Latin America is a way of seeing the importance of an urban policy that, taking the common good as its backbone, offers the convergence of ecology and economy in a social impact that allows creating a city ​​that gives citizens dignity, “he explained.

The director of the Entrepreneurship, Territory, Innovation chair at the Soborna University in Paris participated virtually in the third day of the Smart City Expo Latam Congress fair that takes place in Mérida, the capital of the southern Mexican state of Yucatán.

“The city of 15 minutes is based on neighborhoods in which we find six social functions: living with dignity, working without long journeys, being able to make purchases quickly, having health and education and time for rest,” added Moreno.

The academic presumed that Spanish cities such as Madrid and Pontevedra, among other European ones, have joined this concept and assured that it is possible to implement it in those of Latin America.

“In Latin America it could serve as an accurate diagnosis to see when the absence of these services is projected and incorporate them. This would lead to reformulating cities with this vision. We must transform the model to give life to governance,” he said.

The professor considered that this analysis should conclude on how to exploit the resources that each territory has so that they are used in favor of society.

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“There are huge resources that are wasted. For example, there are buildings that do not serve more than one activity and only have 30 or 40 percent of useful time. We have to exploit the resources that we have in proximity in all the cities in which we live, “he said.

300 speakers, 200 companies and institutions representing more than 300 cities from 45 countries participate in the Smart City Expo Latam Congress fair.

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