18 things we learned about Sea of ​​Thieves: A Pirate’s Life

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18 things we learned about Sea of ​​Thieves: A Pirate's Life

Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones and the world of Pirates of the Caribbean come together on June 22 in Sea of ​​Thieve’s free A Pirate’s Life expansion pack. Rare went deep into how this adventure is special not only for the players but also for the team.

Yo Ho, Yo Ho

Sea of ​​Thieves’ Pirates of the Caribbean-themed add-on pack will arrive for free on June 22, and will bring five Tall Tales new original stories. The stories will begin as the player rescues Jack Sparrow after he steals “the greatest treasure of all time, the key to the gateway to other lands.”

Jack Sparrow used the treasure to find the world of Sea of ​​Thieves, but he didn’t come alone. Davy Jones also found a way and stepped into this world. However, these lands do not have the same powers as before. He cannot control the waves and cannot resurrect anyone. This, therefore, does not seem to please him very much.

Throughout the story, players will team up with Jack Sparrow and fight against Davy Jones.

Sea of ​​Thieves: A Pirate’s Life is an homage to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and Disneyland

In creating this pack, Rare wanted to bring the best of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the machines at Disneyland into the game. Apart from Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones, players will also be able to see scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean machines at Disneyland and listen to its iconic music. He will also be able to customize his ships to resemble those from Pirates of the Caribbean.

There will be a lot of content that players can unlock. Many details will be included in the game, from Jack Sparrow’s clothes, Black Pearl’s team and the dog carrying a key.

The Rare team wanted this development to be as authentic and realistic as possible. To do this, they recruited one of their Jack Sparrow stuntmen, so A Pirate’s Life stayed as faithful to the original content as possible.

Jack Sparrow is on the team in A Pirate’s Life; there are also new enemies, new locations and much more

Jack Sparrow is much more than an NPC. He will be part of your team and assist you as you battle Davy Jones’ ghost ships, sirens and more. It will also travel with you on the ship and notify you when resources are scarce. It will also be possible to take selfies with him.

In A Pirate’s Life, players will also be able to visit new locations such as the Sea of ​​the Damned, Sailor’s Grave and the Sunken Kingdom. These regions are connected to the mother world by the Tunnels of the Damned. This region connects the world of the game with new locations. In this way, players can go there without leaving the main game. Additionally, this allows the team to add any world they want to the Sea of ​​Thieves world.

One of these places, Sailor’s Grave, has a tavern, a gambling venue and lots of lore. There is also a ship-shaped surprise in the game that will delight fans.

Throughout the adventure, the games will tackle enemies like Sirens and Ocean Crawlers. There will be different types of enemies; some will attack you with electricity, poison with large pincers, or the Trident of Dark Tides.

Speaking of Trident of Dark Tides, this new weapon comes with a powerful attack against enemies and can be used by the player in both A Pirate’s Life and the main Sea of ​​Thieves adventure.

The first two Tall Tales from A Pirate’s Life have been revealed

In the presentation, Rare talked a little bit about the first two Tall Tales in A Pirates Life. You are looking for Jack Sparrow in the first story. Along the way, players also find a Mysterious Castaway, which is the guardian of the stories. There is also a skull called The Cursed Captain, which you carry in your hand. Along with helping Jack Sparrow, he also helps you find the secrets of Sailor’s Grave. He comments on your dancing and more.

The second Tall Tale takes you underwater. This gets a lot more intense than in Sea of ​​Thieves. Here you come face to face with Black Pearl and find Jack Sparrow’s compass. Unfortunately, the compass has been captured by sirens and is located at the bottom of the ocean. As players progress, they can explore the Sirens’ Citadel and interact with the statues, increasing or decreasing the water level to navigate to new areas.

As previously mentioned, Sea of ​​Thieves: A Pirate’s Life will be free for all Sea of ​​Thieves players and will launch for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC on June 22.

By Adam Bankhurst.

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