2 Spanish emerging bands that you have to listen to as soon as possible

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There are a lot of recognized artists for his talent with an extensive hit list. However, find new musicians that little by little they begin to make a place for themselves in the music industry is always satisfying. If you are looking to refresh your playlist, listen you different already promising bands born in Spain, review these two recommendations available at Spotify.

+ 2 Spanish bands you should listen to soon

– Fresh and Mango

They are not exactly a band, but they do play together and they have a hit that you have surely heard if you like the musical genre in which they move. In Spotify, you can find them individually where each of them launches their solo tracks. However, most of them are released together under the name Fresh and Mango. The freshest fruit in Spain, as they call themselves, got a good number of listeners thanks to another well-known artist.

After they released the song this year Send me an audio, Aitana joined by contributing his voice in the remix. In this way, they exceeded 8 million views and, little by little, their themes begin to gain relevance. They will not return, Island of Japan, Soon, Puddles and the full EP called Heat wave are some of the most recommended to start listening to this promising band.

– Gins

If you are a true fan of Netflixa version of With Height, the song of Rosalía and J Balvin, full of rock. It worked as a musical curtain for Sky Red, the Spanish series of Alex Pina with Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Lali Espósito as protagonists. Those responsible for the hit are the calls Gins.

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Each of them came from a different part of Spain but they all met in Madrid to form the band in 2019: Juls in the battery, Raquel on the bass, Sandra on guitar and backing vocals and Magüi as rhythm guitar and lead vocal. Pop, punk, indie and – as they call it – “tonti-rock” combine perfectly in all their singles available to enjoy on Spotify.

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