3 Celebrities Who You Might Not Know Enjoy a Gamble

3 Celebrities Who You Might Not Know Enjoy a Gamble

Unless you watch a celebrity poker tournament, it’s not often that you get a chance to learn what games of chance your favorite celebrities enjoy. Many celebrities in popular media, athletics, and other fields appreciate gambling as a hobby. 

The ones who have spoken about this hobby publicly tend to have some leanings and preferences, in addition to interesting facts about how they got started gambling. Keep reading to learn more about celebrities and gambling, along with examples of popular celebrities who appreciate a good game of chance. 

A Universal Human Activity

While we admire celebrities for their talent, it’s important to note that while their hobby may differ by scale, gambling is, and has long been an activity humans turn to in their spare time. part of the human experience. Games like baccarat date back to the 1400s. Archaeologists found dice in ancient Egypt, and Greeks and Romans throughout history had documented games of chance. 

Fast forward to today, when sports betting is openly talked about on broadcasts, and people play traditional and modern casino games for money on their smartphones and computers. Today, anyone can register for online casinos to play exciting slingo and bingo games against players around the world. Many online casinos accept Apple Pay and other popular payment options. 

These factors are making gambling more convenient for the average population. The gambling aficiandos below aren’t part of that population. Here are some celebrities who already were gambling fans prior to the current growth in the industry. 

Jennifer Tilly 

Jennifer Tilly is an American actress who is known for her roles in movies like “Bride of Chucky”, “Remote Control”, “Liar, Liar”, and “Monster’s Inc.” She also happens to be an avid poker player. She’s made a name for herself playing in professional tournaments and online. 

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Tilly learned the game from her father, who was a professional poker player. Her social media profiles feature posts of Tilly playing slots at the casino. 

Floyd Mayweather

The man who many call TBE (“The Best Ever“) of boxing is also a fan of gambling. Mayweather has long been a Vegas resident, since so many of his boxing matches took place in locations around the city. 

Mayweather has been known to gamble in exclusive high roller casino rooms on the strip. He also regularly posts his sports betting slips whenever there are major sporting events happening over the weekend. 

Michael Jordan

His Airness himself is no stranger to a wager. In fact, Michael Jordan had been known at times throughout his career with the Chicago Bulls to gamble in casinos the night before playoff games, and still go out the next night and score 50 points. Jordan said playing casino games of little consequence took his mind off the pressure of the actual high-stakes basketball game he had the next day. 

Personal Gambling Preferences

The main takeaway is that celebrities, like others who like to gamble, tend to have their preferences. People have different personality traits that dictate their games of choice, betting risk tolerance, and other attributes. Consider this information as you learn more about both your favorite celebrities and the gambling industry as a whole. 

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