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3 Chic Flat-Shoe Trends J.Lo Loves Wearing with Petite-Friendly Trousers

3 Chic Flat-Shoe Trends J.Lo Loves Wearing with Petite-Friendly Trousers

Jennifer Lopez is redefining her summer fashion for 2024, setting aside her signature high heels for a laid-back and on-trend wardrobe. Traditionally known for her love of puddle pants and sky-high shoes, this season sees Lopez embracing a more relaxed style, incorporating flat shoe trends and a petite-friendly trouser style that she has been repeatedly spotted wearing.

Over the weekend, Lopez stepped out in a pair of fresh white trainers during a bike ride with a friend. She paired these comfortable shoes with practical white cotton trousers, featuring a wide-leg silhouette that cropped just above the ankle. This choice deviated from her usual floor-length pants, offering a refreshing and casual vibe that complemented her 5’4″ frame.

Lopez has favored this high-waisted, ankle-grazing trouser shape on multiple occasions. One such instance saw her donning a light khaki version of the pants, coupled with relaxed flip flops. She completed this “garden girl” look with a wide-brim straw hat, a tonal woven bag, and a short-sleeve blouse tucked neatly into her favorite trousers.

In another transformation of her summer silhouette, Lopez was spotted in navy pinstripe trousers. She styled them with a belt and a tucked-in white cotton shirt. Continuing her flat shoe streak, she opted for black ballet flats adorned with a long ribbon detail, intricately twisted around her ankle. The cropped trousers allowed the elegant ballet flats’ detailing to shine, adding a subtle yet sophisticated touch to her outfit.

Lopez’s new-found love for practical flat shoes and cropped wide-leg trousers brings a fresh perspective to summer fashion. Embrace these major flat shoe trends and the chic cropped trousers that Lopez keeps coming back to.

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