3 movies to fall in love with Bill Hader

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Bill Hader He is one of those actors who excel in every movie or series in which they appear. Either by his face or by his voice, the figure emerged from Saturday Night Live managed to be part of unforgettable productions such as Superbad O Intensely. The 43-year-old artist has more than 100 acting credits and one of his last best-known roles was in the sequel to It, where was the adult version of Richie.

On the small screen Hate is the protagonist and ideologue of Barry, one of the original productions of HBO. The story focuses on Barry, a hit man of immeasurable talent who decides to step aside and try his luck as an actor in a theater workshop. However, his superiors consider him invaluable, they do not want to lose him and they will make his life impossible. Before the arrival of the third season, we recommend three productions that you can see to enjoy the talent of Bill Hader.

3 – Trainwreck

Starring Amy Schumer and Bill Hader, this production shows Amy (Schumer), a journalist who works in a men’s magazine and lives under the mandate given to her by her father, who told her that monogamy does not exist. One of his reports will cross it with Aaron Conners (Hate), a successful doctor who works with high-level athletes like LeBron James, who will make you rethink everything you knew about relationships. You can see this title in the catalog of Netflix.

2 – The Skeleton Twins

After a failed suicide attempt, Milo (Hate) is received by Maggie (Kristen Wiig), his twin sister with whom he had not spoken for a long time. The tragedy is the starting point for the rebirth of a family bond that is consolidated with one of the best musical sequences of a movie: the lipsync from “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”, the song by Starship. The cast is completed Luke Wilson, as the couple of Maggie, and Ty Burrell, which will maintain a complicated relationship with Milo.

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1 – Scott Pilgrim vs. The world

In case of Scott Pilgrim vs. The world is particular. Bill Hader it does not appear in any frame of the film. However, this does not mean that it was not part of the film that turned 10 years old in 2020. The actor of Saturday Night Live was summoned to record absolutely all the voice-overs that are heard throughout this story in which Scott Pilgrim must face all the exes of Ramona Flowers.

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