3 papers that were experienced at the Emmy Awards

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The Emmy Awards they are getting closer. This weekend will take place the 73rd edition of the most important awards ceremony on television, with The Crown and The Mandalorian as the productions with the highest number of nominations. Waiting for what will be a ceremony that can be seen through the screen of TNT, the event will have the challenge of overcoming what was a peculiar event like the one in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic.

The Crown, along with The Mandalorian, lead the nominations with 24. (IMDb)

Already with some normality and the return to the ring of several productions, the great challenge for the emmy awards This year it will be not to make some of the mistakes that were experienced in 2020. It is that, in addition to the particularity of the coronavirus, the ceremony left three pieces of paper that will be kept in the memory of those who year after year sit to enjoy these shows in alive. From Spoiler, we selected three circumstances that the organization would have preferred to avoid.

Jennifer Aniston, on fire

One of the habit changes left by the pandemic was to disinfect absolutely everything before consuming it. Jimmy Kimmel, host of the ceremony, did not want to be less and decided to set fire to the envelope with one of the winners of the short list that he presented with Jennifer Aniston. The actress of Friends she was ready with a fire extinguisher to put out the fire, but she didn’t count on the flames to be as strong. The surprised faces showed that what happened was not a prepared joke and the situation was close to spiraling out of control.

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Jason Sudeikis’ covid test

The coronavirus was the great participant of the last ceremony, both in front of and behind the camera. In the case of the production of the emmy awards, they entrusted to Jason Sudeikis the possibility of doing a comedy number with the tests that ended up being too much. Millions of viewers witnessed the way the actor from Ted Lasso it was swabbed live by a fake nurse.

The mistake that reminded the Oscars

The most serious error that was witnessed in the delivery of the emmy awards it was the category for Best Guest Actor in Drama. Is that, the locution began to announce as the winner Jason Bateman for what was done in The Outsider but before he finished saying it, his voice was cut off. The broadcast screen showed something else and it was quickly explained that it had “Announced a wrong winner”. The real actor who was recognized in this shortlist was Ron Cephas Jones, for what was done in This Is Us, in a situation that made many remember what happened with Moonlight and La La Land at the 2017 Oscars.


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