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3 questions that the fifth season of Elite will answer

The fourth season of Elite It was a great success and, for that very reason, the fifth is already a fact. So much so that the full cast is already involved in the filming of the new episodes which, probably, will arrive in 2022 and, as reflected in the last released edition, they will focus again on maintaining the rhythm of Las Encinas, at the time of the departure of more and older actors.

In the last episode of the fourth season of Elite Those who left the cast were Miguel Bernardeau and Aron Piper, who went on a trip together. But, his absence will be, like that of Danna Paola, Minna El Hamanni and Ester Espósito, filled with the presence of Manu Ríos (Patrick), Carla Díaz (Ari), Martina Cariddi (Mencía) and Pol Granch (Phillippe).

These new characters got that Elite Take unexpected turns and give gay relationships more visibility. However, the fifth edition will also add two new actors who will arrive at the institute to change the story once again starting with a new plot.

However, the next edition will also answer the number of open questions left by the fourth season. So much so that since Spoiler how the plot will continue.

The doubts that the fifth season of Elite will answer:

The story behind Phillippe:

During the eight episodes of the fourth season, Phillippe arrives in Las Encinas proving that, despite being a member of the French-Spanish royalty, he has every intention of being one more. But, throughout the edition, it is discovered that his presence in Spain has to do with an accusation of abuse that he confirmed in the last chapter that all the gossip is real and, in the fifth season, the situation will be explained.

Phillippe and Cayetana. Photo: (Netflix)

The love between Rebe and Mencía:

Rebe and Mencía starred in the most iconic love of the fourth season, but they have had a heartbreaking ending. That is why the fifth edition will tell how he will continue, but everything seems to indicate that it will be one of the key relationships.

The future between Ari and Samuel:

Ari and Samuel starred in an idyll in season four behind Guzmán’s back, but she was forced to choose and it was Samu who ended up winning her heart. That is why, in the new episodes, it will be known how his love story continues.

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