3 reasons why Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man was the craziest

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On December 17th the third and last film of Tom Holland as Peter Parker will be released. Spider-Man: no way home It will hit theaters in style as it became one of the most anticipated films in phase four of the franchise. Is that, as a result of this production Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire were on everyone’s lips again.

This is because both Andrew Garfield as Tobey Maguire could appear alongside Tom Holland thus creating the first spiderverse. Marvel is famous for its multiverses, but putting the three interpreters of the same character together would be a new experiment for them. So much so that, if made, this film would become totally epic.

However, just as the excitement of the fans began to rise to see them together, the comparisons between them were also rekindled. For many years the actors were involved in different polls: who is the best Spider-Man, who is the worst, who has more essence of Peter Parker or who is the most similar to the comics. But, it should be noted that beyond the opinions of the followers, all the versions were worthy of admiration.

Andrew Garfield is the craziest Spider-Man. Photo: (IMDB)

The three actors were very different Spider-Man since each one adapted to the time in which his film was released. Even so, Andrew Garfield he knew how to stand out for being the most rebellious for an era in which the MCU was still in full swing. The actor faced enormous disinterest on the part of Sony for this character, but still he gave his all and gave his Peter Parker a very different essence.

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3 reasons why Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man was the craziest:

1. Your sense of humor:

Like Maguire and Holland, Andrew Garfield is characterized by being a low profile actor. But, even so, every time he appears in public his sense of humor is the protagonist and in his films he cannot be absent. Beyond the plot, he always finds a way to give his character a bit of his personality.

2. The romantic side of Peter Parker:

His version not only had one of the most honest relationships of the times that Spider-Man was made, but also together with Emma Stone they explored the more complicated side of relationships. Their excitement and great performance overflows the screen to the point that when Stacy dies it feels devastating to the audience.

Andrew Garfield y Emma Stone. Photo Credits: (IMDB)

Andrew Garfield y Emma Stone. Photo Credits: (IMDB)

3. Speak directly to the fans:

The spiderverse is already synonymous with pure speculation. That is why Andrew, every time he gives an interview even to promote another movie, is consulted about it. For this reason, he decides to speak directly to his fans: “Hey guys, calm down”, he even said more than once.

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