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3 reasons why Natasha and Yelena are the best team in the MCU

One of the most anticipated movies for fans of Marvel Studios arrived this year: it is about Black Widow, the film that is introduced in the life of Natasha Romanoff and that as of today is available at no additional cost at Disney+. The character, played by Scarlett Johanson, he won the affection of all the admirers of Avengers who insistently asked for a solo feature film where we can learn a little more about the origins of this woman.

After so much expectation, it finally had its official launch in which we discover how the avenger’s family is constituted, how she became a spy and a few dark secrets from her past. In that sense, Marvel introduced his sister Yelena belova, role faced by Florence Pugh, and those who raised her in her childhood, The Red Guardian, interpreted by David Harbour and Melina, role in charge of Rachel Weisz.

The chemistry between Natasha and Yelena is undeniable, and although they surely have to see how comfortable Johansson and Pugh felt shooting the film, it is clear that the script and the direction of the film collaborate to make it so. If you have already seen Black Widow, you know that there are scenes as dramatic as others hilarious. In this way, many users on social networks defined the duo as the best team in the world. Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here we tell you three reasons that support the theory about this film available in Disney+.

The chemistry between the Black Widow actresses is undeniable (Getty).

+ The reasons why Natasha and Yelena are the best in the MCU

3. His brotherly love is infinite

Of course, in the film directed by Cate Shortland and produced by Kevin Feige they presented us with a few conflicts between black widows. In some scenes, the tension It is obvious but: who has never argued with his sister or brother? Despite that, the affected that Natasha and Yelena have each other is what makes them stronger to continue fighting and seeking to achieve their goals.

2. Girl power returns to Marvel

In some cases, the film studio was accused of forcing female characters to show a empowerment of women for fashion. But Black Widow It comes to break that prejudice. It is not a simple stereotype: for years, Marvel superheroines like Wanda, Capitana Marvel O Gamora they showed that they can be equal to or even more powerful than male characters. In this new movie, Natasha and Yelena put all their strength to the test after being trained in the famous Red Room.

Black Widow

The power of Yelena and Natasha is one of the strengths of the movie (Disney).

1. Both are very funny

The irony Natasha was already a protagonist in all the movies of Avengers in which he participated. You can check it by seeing all of them in Disney+. It is that it is inevitable to laugh with his sarcastic comments that are very unexpected. Something similar happened with Yelena in this film, in which, for example, she makes fun of her own sister for the poses of Black widow what he does after a battle. When the two are together, the humor it can be the great strength of both.

If you haven’t already done so, you still have time to subscribe to Disney + to be able to enjoy exclusive content, such as Black Widow, which has been and will continue to be launched on the platform. You can do it by entering here. What are you waiting for?

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