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350 Drummers Delivered a Flawless Epic Performance in Paris

350 Drummers Delivered a Flawless Epic Performance in Paris

The world’s largest drum section assembled for a concert in France, showcasing an extraordinary level of synchrony that almost seemed surreal.

On May 14th, 2024, the Rockin’ 1000 band convened in Paris to play some of rock’s most legendary anthems. While the ensemble includes various musicians like singers and guitarists, it was the drummers who particularly stood out. They grabbed attention when a clip of them playing The Who’s Won’t Be Fooled Again began making the rounds.

In a 25-second snippet from the group’s dress rehearsal, the drum section demonstrated stunning precision. Each drummer hit every beat with remarkable exactitude, creating a flawless musical experience.

The impressive drum performance is just one facet of the Rockin’ 1000’s talent, further demonstrated in their full rendition of Won’t Be Fooled Again. The group has humble beginnings that add to their charm.

The Rockin’ 1000 originally formed with a unique mission: to persuade The Foo Fighters to play in a small Italian town called Cesena. Back in 2015, Fabio Zaffagnini spearheaded a crowdfunding campaign that raised $50,000, recruiting 1,200 musicians for the cause. They gathered in Orogel Stadium to perform Learn To Fly, aiming to grab The Foo Fighters’ attention by going viral.

The strategy worked. The video quickly amassed tens of millions of views on YouTube, currently standing at over 64 million. This overwhelming response impressed The Foo Fighters, who not only invited Fabio to Seattle to meet them but also agreed to perform in Cesena.

This effort didn’t just achieve its initial goal; it also fostered a community among amateur musicians. Thus, The Rockin’ 1000 was born and began touring across Europe.

“We didn’t expect it would go that well,” said director Anita Rivaroli in an interview with Variety. “We never imagined that The Foo Fighters would actually respond to our plea. Now, when these anonymous musicians perform in massive stadiums instead of their bedrooms or local bars, the feeling is indescribable.”

She added, “Music often has a lot of ego, but this project aims to remove that. Every musician had to be on the same level for it to work. And as they continue to perform at new venues, the world’s largest rock band just keeps growing.”

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Source: Particle News, Variety