3D Ads Will Hit Facebook and Instagram

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Meta Platforms Inc. will make it easier for brands to serve three-dimensional ads on Facebook and Instagram through a new partnership with an e-commerce technology firm.

The integration with VNTANA will allow brands to upload 3D models of their products to social media platforms and easily convert them into ads, VNTANA said in a statement.

The move is another step toward advertising on the metaverse, VNTANA CEO Ashley Crowder said, referring to the futuristic idea of a collection of virtual worlds that can be accessed through different devices, such as headphones.

Meta has opted to contribute to the construction of the metaverse, which it has said could take up to a decade to become a reality.

Meanwhile, brands in the beauty, fashion, and furniture sectors are working to move from 2D to 3D representations of their products.

“The metaverse is basically the space internet,” Crowder said.

“It’s a whole world of possibilities that starts with having the right 3D models of your products,” he added.

Facebook and Instagram users who see a 3D ad while browsing on their desktop or phone can interact with the image of a bag, for example, and move the item to see it from all angles.

“In a way, this offers insight into what can be expected from future devices like augmented reality glasses,” said Chris Barbour, director of augmented reality partnerships at Meta’s Reality Labs unit.

Prior to VNTANA’s integration with Meta, advertisers had to reformat 3D files to make them compatible with Meta’s advertising systems. Now, brands can use VNTANA to easily upload and convert files into ads without needing to have the technical knowledge to work with 3D images, Crowder concluded.

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