3D and video: This is what the integrated GPUs from AMD Ryzen and Intel Core-i do

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For professional users and PC gamers there is no getting around graphics cards, especially when the highest computing power is required for complex CAD models, scientific calculations or the latest 3D shooter. For most other applications, however, a separate graphics card or an additional graphics chip in the notebook is superfluous because the graphics integrated in the processor are sufficient. It controls several monitors, relieves the CPU cores during video playback and is suitable for many casual games.

The integrated GPUs (iGPU) of the Core-i processors from Intel and the Ryzen CPUs from AMD offer several advantages over graphics cards. You need a lot less energy. This not only brings longer runtimes for notebooks, but also quieter cooling for desktop PCs.

They are also much cheaper, especially in the current situation where graphics cards are hardly available. Even economical cheap models such as the Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 or AMD Radeon RX 550 cost more than 100 euros at the time of testing at the end of May 2021. For more powerful gaming cards, street prices have risen to double or triple the manufacturer’s price recommendations. In contrast, the price delta between the six-core processor Core i5-11400 with UHD-730 graphics and the otherwise identical Core i5-11400F without iGPU is only 20 euros.

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