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3D printer for beginners: 300 ° hot end for Creality Ender 3

So far, the 3D printer for beginners Creality Ender 3 was over at a nozzle temperature of 255 ° C. However, some filaments, such as some types of nylon or Plexiglas filament, cannot always be printed satisfactorily with them.

With the new High Temperature Full Hotend Kit this weakness should be eliminated for retrofitting.

In addition to the complete hotend with heater, sensor and nozzles, the hotend kit also contains two fans, the bracket and all cables.

(Image: Creality)

The kit for the 3D printer consists of the hotend, the bracket and the two fans for hotend and filament cooling. The dimensions and bores of the parts are identical to the original Hotenend and can therefore be exchanged without any problems.

The hardened aluminum nozzle can be heated up to 300 ° C. The interior of the filament path should be polished to be particularly smooth and thus have significantly less frictional resistance. The thermal insulation has also been revised and improved. Therefore, the hotend manages with the same heating power as the original despite the higher temperature and does not require a stronger power supply. However, the manufacturer recommends using a printer housing to reduce heat loss.

The heat sink was adapted for the higher temperatures.

The 300 ° is sufficient for printing filaments whose processing temperature has so far been just at the upper limit of the Ender 3 or even above. Polycarbonate, for example, requires 260 to 310 °, and some polyamide (nylon) filaments also require more than 255 °.

The kit will soon be available in the Creality shop. The price has not yet been determined.

However, the mere conversion should not be enough: Values ​​higher than 255 ° cannot be set with the previous firmware. Therefore, an update will be required that is not yet available for download.

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