4 laptops for less than 9,000 pesos that you can buy on Amazon

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It’s time you got a new laptop that allows you to work from anywhere, study comfortably and, why not, also watch your favorite series.

If that is just what you were looking for, then the following list that we bring you will be very interesting, since we leave you with the best models that you can get for less than $ 9,000 pesos in Amazon Mexico. They are also well located in the best sellers list and reasons for it are not lacking.

A price below $ 9,000 pesos is usually a very interesting figure when buying a laptop. The technical specifications may never reach that of the most powerful and gaming laptops, but if you are looking for something at that price, it is very likely that what you need is something very functional to surf the internet, enjoy office automation and chat on the social media. Not much more.

With the idea of ​​clarifying your doubts a bit, we are going to leave you with a selection of laptops that have a fantastic price at the moment on Amazon.

It’s no wonder this model is Amazon’s best-selling unit, as it boasts a very comprehensive and competent spec list with a spectacular price tag.

For $ 8,310.63 pesos you can get this equipment with Core i3-1115G4, 4 GB of DDR4 RAM and 128 GB SSD of storage.

Probably the most complete option and at the best price.

A fantastic 15.6-inch laptop with Dual-Core Intel Pentium 6405U processor that offers 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB SSD with Intel UHD graphics.

Thanks to its red design, it is a fairly casual unit ideal for the youngest.

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