4 little-known but great horror movies to watch this weekend

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Dedicated horror lovers are hard to surprise and rarely miss a production of the genre. But for all the rest of the moviegoers who occasionally give play to a movie of James Wan | or they like to see productions of Mike Flanagan, it can be difficult to get out of the traditional loop. Therefore, from Spoiler We selected four stories for you to enjoy over the weekend.

Mike Flanagan returned to work with Henry Thomas. (IMDb)

Some of the movies can be seen at HBO Max and Netflix, platforms that have a wide catalog of horror movies. In the next few days a new horror film will be released in theaters, The dark night, one of the pleasant surprises on the billboard, while the red N will launch a new miniseries of Flanagan. Is about Midnight mass, which will have its seven episodes available starting next Friday.

4 – Lake Mungo

Direct from Australia comes a film released in 2008 that gave more than one the creeps. Lake Mungo is a mockumentary focused on the investigation of the mysterious death of Alice Palmer, drowned while swimming. How do you think the ghost of Alice stalks the house, relatives contact parapsychologists who help them discover what is really going on. On Rotten Tomatoes the film is awarded a solid 96% approval rating.

3 – Overlord

With the zombie genre back in vogue, Overlord premiered in 2018 with an 81% approval rating in Rotten Tomatoes. The film that you can find in the catalog of Netflix is set on the night before the Normandy landings and focuses on a commando group trying to destroy a transmission tower where a dark mystery is hidden. A secret laboratory full of zombies will put the lives of these American soldiers at risk.

2 – Raw

Some versions say that during some projections of Raw, the movie of Julia Ducournau, some spectators had to leave the room completely disgusted. The story centers on a young vegan who begins to study veterinary medicine at a university that puts all her beliefs at stake. The film has a 92% approval rating in Rotten Tomatoes.

1 – The Hunt

Finally, for those looking for a movie from the catalog of HBO Max, they can find The Hunt, movie directed by Craig Zobel (the one responsible for carrying the strings of the 7 episodes of Mare of Easttown). The film focuses on the lives of twelve strangers who are kidnapped and released in a field where they begin to be hunted. A story with a strong political message and a lot of black humor.

Raya and the Last Dragon


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