4 long movies worth your time

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On 2019, Martin Scorsese premiered for Netflix The Irishman, that movie starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino y Joe Pesci. One of the issues that generated the most debate was its duration: the film lasts almost three and a half hours and many raised the idea of ​​seeing it fragmented so that it is almost like a miniseries. However, there are those who defend watching the films run until the end. If you are one of those and want to enter a extensive and entertaining filma, here is a list of four options.

+ 4 long movies that are worth it

4. The Life of Adele

Inspired by the graphic novel called Blue is a warm color from Julie Maroh, on 2013 it premiered The life of Adele. This French film was written and directed by Abdellatif Kechiche and combines drama and romance by presenting the story of a teenage girl who begins to discover her desires and her freedom. It was starred by Adèle Exarchopoulos and Léa Seydoux and lasts exactly three hours.

3. The Right Stuff

Last year, National Geographic threw, through Disney+, an eight-episode series called The Chosen of Glory and a was a real success. But actually, in 1983 A movie with the same name had already been released. The Right Stuff –Its original title- was directed by Phillip Kaufman and based on Tom Wolf’s book 1979. Throughout its three hours and thirteen minutes, the story features a group of pilots trying to exceed the speed of sound at Edwards Air Force Base.

2. The Wolf of Wall Street

If you are looking for a long but compelling movie to watch this weekend, you should go to Amazon Prime Video in search of The Wolf of Wall Street, translated for Latin America as The wolf of Wall Street. This film also directed by Martin Scorsese has as protagonist Leonardo Dicaprio, nominated for the Oscar for this role and winner of the Golden Globe. It tells the story of a New York stockbroker who refuses to cooperate in a case of securities fraud. Its duration is three hours.

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1. Meet Joe Black

Available in Netflix, Meet Joe Black –Also known as ¿Conoces a Joe Black?– reverts the classic Death Takes a Holiday. It had its premiere in 1998 under the direction of Martin Brest and the performances of Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins y Claire Forlani. Lasts little more than three hours and exposes the life of a tycoon who is altered by the arrival of Joe Black, a mysterious young man who falls in love with his daughter.

Raya and the Last Dragon


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