4 reasons why Star + will be worth hiring

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The war of platforms is increasingly defined in the region, where new companies do not stop appearing that come out to dispute the market to Netflix. On the side of Disney, which at the end of last year launched Disney+, a new option will arrive that will have all the content that was not part of your service until now. From August 31, Star+ may be hired by users.

It is difficult to choose between so many offers, especially in a region where economics is usually a problem and it is not easy to be able to pay for all platforms. Netflix continues as the market leader, with more than 200 million users, but in Disney they are very optimistic. The project of reaching 90 million subscribers in the first four years was completed in just one year and with the addition of Star+ to the offer of Disney+ they expect to exceed 230 before 2024. But, why is it convenient to hire this new platform in the region?

Adult content

Deadpool prepares for his third film. (IMDb)

Star+ It is characterized not only by having everything that cannot be seen on its sister platform but also because it will have all the adult content in its catalog. This includes movies like Deadpool O Logan, for fans of Marvel, or the recently multi-award winning Nomadland. The service will be an equivalent to what it usually is Hulu in the United States, which will not reach this region for the time being.

Live sport

sergio kun aguero barcelona espn.jpg

The matches of Sergio Agüero, one of Barcelona’s incorporations, will be seen on ESPN. (Sergio Aguero)

One of the great offers of Star+ it will go hand in hand with live sport, a market in which its main competitor, Netflix, has not yet entered. ESPN Is property of Disney and this will allow the platform to broadcast meetings of the Champions League, the Premier League, The League, the NBA and of the UFC, among several other sports.

The Simpsons as never seen before

Yes OK The Simpson can currently be seen in Disney+, only the last two seasons and the movie are available. In order to see all the broadcasts since their birth at the end of the 80s, users must contract Star+. It will be the first time that the Springfield family is fully available on a platform streaming.

Original content

In addition to the offers of well-known fictions, such as The X-Files O Grey’s AnatomyTo mention some of the best-known productions, the new platform will have exclusive content both made in the United States and in the region. Argentina will have Santa Evita in 2022, Mexico will produce Pancho Villa, The Centaur of the North and from Colombia will arrive one of the versions of It was not my fault, which will also have its adaptations in Mexico and Brazil.

If you still subscribed to Disney+, you still have time to do so to be able to enjoy the exclusive contents of the platform. You can do it by entering here. What are you waiting for?


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