4 short love series to watch on HBO Max this weekend

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With the fury that Netflix harvested over the last few years, many companies opted for creating digital platforms and, one of the most successful in recent years is HBO Max. That is why, its arrival in Latin America was a rage that, today, transforms it into one of the streaming services with more original content and, above all, new.

Both in series and movies, HBO Max managed to innovate in terms of content. That is why, from Spoiler, we found four short love series ideal to see on the on demand service this weekend.

4 short love series to watch on HBO Max:

1. Love Life:

In just one season with ten chapters, this American romantic comedy and anthology series starring Anna Kendrick began to be conceived in 2019 and, with the arrival of HBO, production was completed.

A young New Yorker in search of the ideal partner for her. All episodes tell different stories of Darby’s love affairs.

2. Run:

A single season of seven chapters where a woman’s life changes when she receives a message from her ex-boyfriend, who forces her to fulfill a pact made 17 years earlier. So much so that the protagonist leaves her entire life in New York to meet him.

3. Insecure:

An eight-part season where two black women defy all stereotypes and have been best friends since their college days. Molly is a successful lawyer, but when it comes to men, she’s full of problems, and then Issa works at a non-profit company and has a long-term relationship with Lawrence.

4. Big Love:

There are twelve episodes that show the lifestyle, problems and faith of the polygamist Bill Henrickson and his three wives.

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