4 things you should know about Emilio, the protagonist of El Reino

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After a very hard year for the audiovisual industry in Argentina, Netflix decided to bet on its productions and next Friday it will add to its catalog The kingdom. This drama series was written by Claudia Piñeiro and directed by Marcelo Piñeyro and follows the story of a vice presidential candidate who, after his running mate was assassinated at the close of the campaign, must take his place.

Emilio Vázquez Pena, played by Diego Peretti, is the main protagonist of The kingdom. This pastor of the Church of Light is running as vice president in Armando Badajoz’s formula without suspecting the hatred that some voters have for them. That is why, after the fateful murder of his partner, the “man of God” discovers his true self.

So much so that the real question is who is Emilio Vázquez Pena. From Spoiler we reveal four things you should know about this character before the premiere of The kingdom.

4 things you should know about Emilio Vázquez Pena, the protagonist of El Reino:

1. Your life is linked to God:

Just as it really happens in Argentina, the character of Diego Peretti is one of the most famous shepherds in Latin America. Of Christian religion, Emilio directs the Church of Light for years and, therefore, has added a large number of faithful.

Emilio is linked to Dios. Photo: (Netflix)

2. He is the father of three children:

Together with Elena (Mercedes Morán), Emilio not only formed a great family in his Church, but also in his personal life. As a result of their marriage, three children were born: Pablo (Patricio Aramburu), Magdalena (Victoria Almeida) and Ana (Vera Spinetta), who also have their respected part in this story.

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3. You have a decision to make:

They killed my running mate”, Confesses Emilio in the official trailer of the series. So much so that, now as vice president, it is up to him to decide: find the murderer or fulfill his civic duty?

Emilio has to decide whether to be president.  Photo: (Netflix)

Emilio has to decide whether to be president. Photo: (Netflix)

4. His relationship with Elena:

Mercedes Morán gives life to Elena, Emilio’s wife and with whom he has a bond “guided by the way of the Lord”. However, your marriage could bring you more problems than you already have. Is Elena the one to be your partner?

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