40 Years of DRO and 1 Year of The Music Station: Warner Music Spain’s Total Magic Celebration

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Warner Music Spain has two significant milestones to celebrate, The Music Station’s first anniversary, and the 40th anniversary of DRO (Organized Radioactive Records). DRO was founded in 1982 by two prominent rock groups, El Aviador Dro y Sus Obreros Especializados and Enclarecidos. Financial difficulties led to its sale in 1993 to Warner, which acquired not only their catalog but also a team of people with a completely different way of working. Warner Spain seeks to preserve that DRO gene and transmit it to the new generations. To celebrate these four decades of DRO, an event was organized on May 18 in Madrid with artists, authors, friends, and collaborators. A concert was held with the participation of Andrés Calamaro, Loquillo, Alaska, Iván Ferreiro, and others, performing emblematic songs. An exciting commemorative box of four LPs and four CDs with 85 songs was released in May.

The Music Station, located in the historic Estación del Norte building, celebrates its first year inaugurated and looks to the future. This space offers music services and an artist experience in one place, including a concert hall, a club, six recording studios, rooms to compose, listen to music, and relax. The Music Station has been a huge hit with both employees and artists, and its facilities make it truly unique. It also includes the welcoming nightclub Carola Morena, which offers a varied entertainment agenda and is available for private events. The project plans to complete the offer with a theme restaurant and a contemporary music museum by the end of 2024.

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