5 characters that nobody remembers from Dragon Ball

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In the history of the anime industry there is no doubt that Dragon Ball it has a privileged place among the most favorite of the fans. It is a series that has passed through different generations and to this day it remains active, despite the appearance of multiple titles that have also won the clamor of the public. Soon we will witness a new movie, which will be called “Super Hero” and we already know some details.

The franchise has several sagas, in which we see the growth of Goku from his childhood to become the most iconic Saiyan warrior. The creator of the story, Akira Toriyama, was in charge of developing hundreds of characters who had their protagonism in each appearance, but over time they disappeared from the stories until they were forgotten by the fans. Review these 5!

+5 characters that nobody remembers from Dragon Ball

Main enemy of the Saga of the Red Patrol of Dragon Ball, although he wins the hearts of the fans. Although he has an appearance in the Piccolo Daimakú Saga and brief cameos, he was forgotten by other figures.

In the first DB saga he had a great relationship with Goku, Krillin and Master Roshi, as he was in charge of cleaning Kame House. The last time we saw her was when she gave her energy to the protagonist’s Genkidama to defeat Kid Buu.

One of Goku’s first friends in his childhood. Upa lived in Karin’s Sacred Land until Tao Pai Pai murdered his father and it is the Saiyan who helps him defeat the villain. Like Lunch, his last appearance was energizing his old acquaintance for the Genkidama.

He made big appearances in the Piccolo Saga and continued in DBZ by cutting off Vegeta’s tail and fighting Cell, but later becomes a filler figure. He lived in Karin’s Tower for a while and we briefly saw him again on DB Super.

Although he had great relevance in his first appearances as a student of teacher Tsuru and partner of Ten Shin Han, and was part of DBZ, his appearances became shorter and shorter. He returned in the Battle of the Gods Saga and another episode of DB Super, but without major actions.


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