5 Effective Home Tricks for Children to Overcome Fear of Haircutting

Many parents find it difficult to get their young children to stop using diapers, but they often overlook another challenge: taking them to the hairdresser. The unfamiliar environment, noise of the machines, and new faces can increase a child’s anxiety and make the visit a dreadful experience.

Cutting a baby’s or young child’s hair is almost unnecessary, although some parents opt to do so. However, as they grow up, it becomes relevant for hygiene purposes. But how can you help your child overcome their fear of scissors?

Take your child to a suitable hairdresser with children’s themes or video games to make the experience more enjoyable. Going with a friend, sibling, or cousin who sees it as fun or a game can also help.

Furthermore, involve your child in the decision-making process by asking them how they would like their hair cut. Do not force a radical change on them, and make sure they see the trip to the hairdresser as a positive experience.

Lastly, encourage your child to bring a doll or stuffed animal with them and let the hairdresser or barber cut their hair alongside their toy. As they see that nothing bad happens, they will likely lose their fear over time.

In conclusion, dealing with a child’s fear of scissors when at the hairdresser can be challenging. However, these tips can make the process more manageable and make cutting their hair a positive experience for both you and your child.

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