5 Facts That Explain Apple’s Global Dominance

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Much has been said about the meteoric rise of Apple over the past decade, with its smartphones, computers, and tablets pervading every level of popular culture and its software entering homes and offices in every corner of the globe. There have also been the naysayers that have predicted Apple’s hardware dominance will come to an end, as cheaper product alternatives from Microsoft, Samsung, and Huawei continue to offer more accessible alternatives for consumers. However, as the numbers clearly show, Apple’s dominance in 2022 looks very secure indeed. Here’s why. 

Profit machine

If we look at that crudest of measurements – pure profit – then Apple is the standout contender by a country mile. The company may not have sold the highest number of smartphones worldwide last year, but it did make the most money from selling them. Last year the company captured 75% of all global profits from smartphone sales, despite selling considerably fewer models than its major rival Samsung. When it comes to the money, Apple stays winning.

Investor darling

If you want a glimpse of a company’s future prospects, see what the investors are doing. According to this expert guide on the hottest tech stocks right now, Apple remains the most popular high-technology stock for retail investors. Apple is the most popular tech stock pick in the world and demonstrated some of the most robust stock price growth out of major tech companies from 2018 to 2021. Whatever you might think, it’s clear that investors are rosy about Apple’s future. Apple will be keen to maintain this growth, so while they are likely to refresh their existing products, they may explore areas for potential revenue. One big question is whether Apple will be able to maintain this level of growth, or if this will become more modest.

China takeover

China is the fastest-growing market in the world for high-end technology products, meaning that any company wishing to achieve global dominance will need to capture this market. On this front, it seems that Apple is vaulting ahead. Unbelievably to some long-time China market analysts, Apple nudged out the likes of Huawei and Honor to become the most-bought smartphone brand in China in the last months of 2021. Given the high price points and historic competition from domestic brands, this is an achievement so significant that it is difficult to actually convey. 

5G capture

Anyone with any knowledge of the smartphone market will know that 5G is the future. We are already well into the 5G era, but only a handful of manufacturers have been able to roll out accessible and effective 5G-enabled devices at scale. At the head of the pack on this front is, of course, Apple. The company’s iPhone 12 remains the best-selling 5G phone in the world, with no other product even coming close. As all subsequent Apple products continue to be 5G-enabled, expect this market dominance to cement further. 


When it comes to value, Apple is not only the most valuable smartphone company but the most valuable company, period. In January 2022, Apple broke records and made the history books by becoming the first company in history to hit a valuation of $3 trillion. The company’s cap has since fallen with the stock market, but it is clear that Apple remains the Most Valued Player in the smartphone sector by a pretty wide margin. 

Given the current picture, it would take a serious disruption in the global smartphone market to knock Apple off its perch. Stay tuned to see how 2022 plays out. 

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