5 key moments of La Casa de Papel before the fifth season

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The series, that counts “The Greatest Heist in History“, reached its fifth season and on the way left many sequences to remember. The group of thieves, organized by the mysterious Teacher, was able to steal the attention of world audiences with a solid account of a coup to the Mint organized to perfection and the next in the Bank of Spain. Those responsible for these thefts are characters who live on the edge, without much to lose, with the need to achieve success in these dangerous missions planned by the Teacher.

The program is not limited to telling a robbery, it also talks about the different risks that one takes in life and who they decide to trust to go through difficult times. In this sense, this group of strangers has the obligation to carry out a plan and give their colleagues the peace of mind that they will act according to what is expected of them in risky situations where the unforeseen is commonplace. Let’s relive the key moments of the show!

+ Key moments of La Casa de Papel

5. Raquel chases the Professor

The teacher he camouflages himself very convincingly as an unrecognizable beggar who manages to pass through the cops undetected. In the meantime, Raquel he does not believe a radio message about their conversation during the negotiation. She tirelessly searches for the brain behind the “Biggest Heist in History”.

4. The Professor arrives at the Mint

The mastermind behind the most important robbery in history puts his feet inside the Mint with the intention of offering his condolences to Denver who is devastated by the loss of his father. The tension and adrenaline of these moments rises to the maximum when Nairobi presents the spoils of the coup: 984 million euros.

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3. Entrance to the Bank of Spain

Perhaps one of the most dramatic moments of the third installment of The Money Heist It was when the group of robbers took the initiative, according to the plan, to join the Bank of Spain. Only a strict cop could spoil the team’s plans. And in this case a member of security stopped them for a moment. Everything was arranged with a quick action of the Teacher.

2. The death of Nairobi

Fans of the show still can’t get over the death of one of the most beloved characters: Nairobi, which is executed by Gandia, the Governor’s caretaker. Some fans have the theory that she was pregnant at the time of death, because of how the belly is taken in its final moments. Others mention the possibility that it is the symbolism of the character as group mother.

1. A well thought out hoax

As I did in season 3 to enter the Bank with military costumes, in this case the Teacher He showed, again, all his creativity and resources. Got a military helicopter piloted by Marsella to act as the transport of Tokyo, Denver and Rio with the aim of meeting with Lisboa and go ahead with the robbery.

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