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5 key moments to remember before you 3

This Friday October 15th Netflix will reward your subscribers with one of the most acclaimed content in your catalog. This is the third season of You, the series starring Pen Badgley which has been renewed by a quarter within hours of its launch. With the trailer, the images and everything ready for the premiere, here we invite you to review what to remember before watching the new set of episodes. Do not miss it!

+ 5 key moments of You to understand the third season

5. The murder of Beck

In the first season, Joe Goldberg conoce a Beck (Elizabeth Lail), a student who aspires to be a writer and who visits the bookstore where the protagonist is a manager. From the first moment you see her enter the business, he becomes obsessed with her to the point of chasing her and starting a very terrifying relationship. Apparently, it is not the first time that it does: Candace (Ambyr Childers), his ex-girlfriend, has also experienced something similar. Everything that started as a romance turns into a real disaster: Joe murders part of his girlfriend’s environment and finally la mata she too. Right at that moment, Candace reappears.

4. Joe’s move

After the terrible events in New York, the main character decides to escape to move to The Angels. And everything starts again: meet Love (Victoria Pedretti), an aspiring chef with whom he begins working in a market. At the same time, he is somewhat attracted to Delilah (Carmela Zumbado), a journalist who runs the apartment complex in which the murderer now settled.

3. Candace’s return

Figure of Candace chases him, but it is not only his memories, but also literally. Childers’ character manages to get involved in Joe’s environment under another name to threaten him with his presence. And although Joe until now seemed to always get his way, Candace meets with Love – now also her sister-in-law since she simulated a relationship with her brother – to tell him all the secrets that Goldberg keeps for years.

2. Love: is she a victim?

With Beck in the first season, the facts had become aberrant and the innocence of that university student in the face of such a criminal was chilling. And although Love also seemed to be the same as her, the truth is that she has more points in common with Joe than she appears. Despite the serious mistakes of your partner, decides to move forward with the relationship anyway with the aim of “following a family project”.

1. An unexpected ending

Apparently, Love also develops an extreme obsession with Joe.. In this way, she is involved in another series of murders. Not only mata a Delilah, who discovers the madness of the protagonist, but even until takes the life of Candace, the woman who helped her unravel the truth. As if that were not enough, Joe wants to murder his partner, but at that time Love stops him screaming and confesses to being pregnant.

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