5 Key Sex Education Moments Before Season 3

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The third season of Sex Education It will reach the streaming giant and will continue to play one of the topics that society is most passionate about: sex. The characters in the show experience their sexuality in different ways, each one with the peculiarities of a universal condition: the human one. It does not matter if you are someone with a panic about intimacy, a gay person, someone promiscuous or you enjoy only with your partner in fact, we all have a sexuality that accompanies us in life and this program echoes that situation. Long live diversity!

Why is it a success? Surely the audience’s ability to identify themselves in different situations, as well as the different passions that arise every time the subject of sex is touched, make the program a must when it comes to enjoying the stories that the show presents. Let’s review some of his best moments!

+ The best moments of Sex Education

5. Otis and Ola’s kiss

Otis He has serious anxiety problems regarding sex and also difficulties in finding a partner in love. The character always had feelings for Maeve, but during the first season he recognizes his attraction to Ola with whom you share a kiss. The consequence? Finally the young man can masturbate and reach orgasm without having a panic attack.

4. Eric and Adam have a first meeting

Adam is the school bully who always had reasons to harass Eric. However, once they are sent to detention they start a fight that ends with Eric kissing Adam. The “bad boy“from the school threatens Eric so that he does not tell anything about what happened before being sent to a military academy.

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3. The bus scene

The girls are taken to detention by an accusation that surprises them. Love reveals that she suffered a sexual assault on top of a bus and decides to share it with her companions. They identify and tell the same story. Ola He invites them to a place to release their anger. The next day, they all accompany Love to get on the bus as a group. One of the most iconic scenes of the series remains in memory!

2. A love, forbidden?

Eric had a lot of love in the second round of episodes of the series with the character Rahim who came to school and was fascinated with it. But the story is more complex, because Adam was expelled from the military academy and returns determined to conquer Eric. At the end of the season, Adam shows all his love to Eric in front of the entire school, especially with the presence of his father and also Rahim. How will this story continue?

Eric y Adam. Photo Credits: IMDb.

1. Otis y Maeve

The end of the second season of Sex Education left a bitter taste in the followers of the series. Why? Otis decide to look for Maeve to achieve happiness together in a relationship, but the intervention of Isaac, the new boy, denies the possibility of that love. Everything indicates that Maeve and Otis they will turn the page in the third batch of episodes. Sadness!

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