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5 movies that will whet your appetite!

Are you one of those people who enjoy a good meal with great pleasure? Do you think about the different flavors and smells that will accompany the next dish? We have a very special ranking exclusively designed for those who recognize and value a tasty dish and they are in search of the best alternatives when it comes to cooking.

The world of cinema can merge with everything related to food and produce films that will entice world audiences with exclusive recipes. Discover the emblematic films when we talk about exquisite dishes: starter, main meal and dessert. Everything is included in this ranking with five paradigmatic deliveries when we talk about kitchen alternatives.

+ movies that will whet your appetite

5. Chocolat

A small French town is the setting for this story: Lansquenet. The inhabitants of this place have ingrained strong moral standards that will be put to the test by the arrival of two strangers to the quiet place. Is about Vianne Rocher and her daughter Anouk, which will open a chocolate shop who becomes a dark object of desire for the inhabitants of Lansquenet. This food awakens the hidden passions of those who consume it!

4. The Chef, the Recipe for Happiness

The famous chef Alexandre lagarde he’s having trouble at his important restaurant. So, meet the young cook Jacky Bonnot, whose dream is to succeed in the world of gastronomy. Unexpectedly he helps Lagarde with the creation of a new menu that the renowned chef will have to present to the experts of the Michelin Guide. This fun duo will be driven by the inspiration of the young Bonnot.

3. The Flavors of the Palace

The film tells the true story of Daniele Delpeuch, which was summoned by the French president Francois Miterrand to act as the Prime Minister’s personal cook. While she finds difficulties in the Elisha Palace, which he did not have when he lived in the southwest of the country, quickly the authenticity of his dishes added to the love that he puts in each presentation conquer palates.

2. Ratatouille

It follows the story of a friendly rodent who has a great culinary talent and wants to become a chef, an impossible dream for members of his species. The coincidences of life will place you in one of the most famous restaurants in Paris making a soup. The dishwasher Alfredo Linguini he will pretend to be the author of his delicious dishes at Gusteau’s, the place where the action of this endearing animated film takes place.

1. A Good Recipe

The problematic character of the renowned chef Adam Jones leads him to lose everything. Then, the talented chef tries to return to the big leagues with a restaurant in London and then arrive in Paris and win the coveted Michelin stars. Of course, this path in your professional life to success has you reserved. some chapters dedicated to love. Safety pin!

Raya and the Last Dragon


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