“5 Must-Try Leg Exercises for Flawless Summer Pins”

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The legs gain prominence in the summer months.

For this reason, getting them to appear more toned, strong and defined is one of the star objectives in these hot months.

We can achieve this thanks to a training that focuses on the work of the lower body, which will give us improvements on an aesthetic level, but also functional, since we will be able to achieve a better response from the organism to carry out activities of daily life and a better balance. body, as well as hardening buttocks, thighs and legs.

Of course, we must bear in mind that it is a demanding job, since performing a leg routine means that more than half of your body will be working during that training, the demand for oxygen will be enormous and the work of the heart to provide blood and nutrients to your muscles will require an extra effort.

“Lower body training should be included in every weekly training routine to strengthen this area and avoid cardiovascular risk, have better blood circulation and increase bone density”, comments Efthalia Tsimkas, Brooklyn Fitboxing Master Trainer, who summarizes which are the exercises that are best for us to work the lower body and boast of toned legs these summer months.

The best exercises to strengthen the legs, thighs and buttocks


It is one of the star exercises that you can include in your daily routine, and that will allow you, in addition to activating the glutes, to work your quadriceps.

When performing the movement slightly pulls your knees out (opening the toes slightly will make it easier for you to walk). Observe that your sole of the foot remains in contact with the ground, without taking off the toes or heels and that your weight is centered, keeping your back straight and your chest open. If you want more intensity, add load, you can keep it close to your chest or with your feet. arms stretched towards the floor.

Perform 3 series of 15/20 repetitions with 30” rest between series.

Split (reverse)

Excellent exercise, powerful and effective, to strengthen and tone both buttocks and legs.

When performing This movement is very important that you go down gently, bringing your knee to the ground, but without touching it, and that you go up with “explosiveness” activating the gluteus in leg extension. Keep your upper body upright, straight and balanced.

Perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions and rest 15” between each set.


This is a classic “multi-joint” and posterior chain exercise (hamstrings, hamstrings, glutes and spinal erectors) that should not be missing in your leg routine. The reason? It involves many muscle groups at the same time during the execution of the movement.

For its correct execution, perform a “hinge” movement, bringing the hip back (with more hip flexion than knees) and noticing the weight on the heels, while bringing the load up to knee height. Observe that during the course your back remains straight, bringing your shoulders back and sticking your shoulder blades together. Feel the activation of the work in your hamstrings.

Perform 3 series of 15/20 repetitions with 30” rest between series.


In this case, we are dealing with an exercise focused on activating the glutes and hamstrings. Add a load on top of your abdomen that intensifies the work. Take off the sole of the foot from the ground and support only heels, from this position raise the hips by contracting the buttocks. Go up explosively and go down with control.

If you want more intensity, when going down do not touch the ground and maintain gluteal activation when going up and down.

Perform 3 series of 20 repetitions with 15” rest between series.

Squat jump

Without a doubt, one of the perfect exercises for strong and powerful legs of iron, where we are going to incorporate an explosive jump at the end of the movement, giving it a metabolic component. Begin the movement from a squat position, with your legs separated at the width of shoulders, from this active core position, tense legs and buttocks and jump vertically with all your energy. It is important to absorb the impact when falling, activating the muscles. Try to challenge yourself with this exercise, doing 8 series of 20″ with 10″ rest between each series.

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What should be the frequency of the exercises?

The personal trainer explains that you can train two or three times a week, depending, of course, on the intensity and objectives to be achieved. The ideal, in her opinion, is to include a good active recovery between rest days with dynamic flexibility, mobility and stretching programs that help you recover your muscles.

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