5 new anime series on Crunchyroll that are worth watching

5 new anime series on Crunchyroll that are worth watching

The streaming service Crunchyroll continues in its advance of transmitting the best of anime to millions of users, and that is why every month they integrate new content to its great library. The platform has just been acquired by Sony and will soon join Funimation to continue offering more interesting series to its subscribers, such as those that premiered recently and are worth watching. Review these five!

+5 new anime series on Crunchyroll that you must watch

Plot: Fena Houtman remembers little of her childhood. Orphan and raised as a maid in a brothel, her life changes when she escapes to a pirate island where she discovers the truth about her family. With Fena being the only one capable of unlocking her family’s secrets, and with a formidable crew of female pirates on her heels, she must take her place as captain of her samurai crew for an adventure on the high seas!


Plot: Ryuhei always greatly admired his older brother since he was little. Even after witnessing the mysterious death of his brother, Ryuhei becomes a very lively teenager. One day, after his kickboxing training, a mysterious creature who claims to be called Tris bites him. That night he begins to have a very peculiar dream, and while something called “Drops circulates through Shibuya, people’s dreams and desires begin to twist. What awaits him as he delves into that matter?”

3-Drug Store in Another World – The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist

Plot: Reiji Kirio was a corporate slave who did nothing but work and work. On any given day, coming home from work looking exhausted, he suddenly appears in an unfamiliar forest in what seems like another world. “Wow, this must be that of ending up in another world after reincarnating,” he thinks. He discovers that he has appeared in that world with two abilities: “Analyze” and “Medicinal Discovery”, which while they don’t seem very impressive, they turn out to be! A story of how to lead a quiet life in another world as a pharmacist.

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2-Battle Game in 5 Seconds

Plot: A new kind of skill battles is about to begin for a new generation! This was a morning like any other for Akira Shiroyanagi, a young man from high school / high school who loves video games and candy. One day he ends up in a fight over a mysterious girl named Mion. It is that girl who gathers a group of people and gives them the news: they no longer exist in the official records and they have been given special powers for a certain experiment. Akira will have to use his powers to survive, ascend and crush the organization responsible for all of that.

1-Night Head 2041

Plot: It is said that humans do not use about 70% of their brain. The mysterious powers that some humans possess are believed to come from that part of the brain. There is a term for that 70% of the brain that is not used … “NIGHT HEAD”. Two men wake up in a forest. Marginalized by society due to their psychic powers, brothers Naoto and Naoya Kirihara spent the past 15 years in a laboratory where they were researching their psychic powers.

The Curse of Hill House / Bly Manor


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