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5 popular streaming productions that you can’t miss

Innovating and having original content is the only way that streaming platforms don’t lose their users. That is why Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney + and Apple TV renew their catalog every month to generate more and more interest. And, from Spoiler, we invite you to know the most viewed productions of each on demand service.

5 popular streaming productions you can’t miss:

5. Mr. Corman:

Starring, directed and created by Joseph-Gordon Levitt, this series joined Apple TV + less than a month ago and only has three chapters released. But, it is already positioned as one of the best of the streaming service. The actor plays a public school teacher who still cannot accept that he is leaving behind his youth and his frustrated dreams in the world of music.

4. The White Lotus:

It is one of HBO Max’s favorite series. Released this year and originally from the platform, it has a single season of six successful episodes. Filled with American comedy, drama and satire, this strip follows the idyllic vacations of several hotel guests who, in addition to relaxing, have to deal with complexities darker than they imagine.

3. What if…?

It’s the latest Marvel premiere on Disney +. This animated web series based on the comics explores, following the creation of the multiverse at the end of the first season of Loki, the various alternate timelines in which iconic MCU moments occur differently.

2. Infected:

Exclusive to Amazon Prime leads the most viewed of recent days on the platform. Although it is a movie, it is precisely the plot that draws attention. “The COVID-23 virus has mutated and the world is in its fourth year of quarantine. A messenger races against time to save the woman he loves from a quarantine camp”Says the official synopsis.

1. The Kingdom:

It is one of the latest Netflix releases. It was on August 13 when the platform added this original creation to its catalog, which consists of only one season with eight episodes. The religious leader, Emilio Penna, is running for vice president under the Badajoz-Penna formula, but his running mate is assassinated in the middle of the campaign, so now he must define whether to find the murderer or fulfill his civic duty.

The Curse of Hill House / Bly Manor


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