5 reasons why Squats will be your favorite Netflix series

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In Argentina, every July 20 the Friends day. And that day Netflix had a great idea. Add to your catalog nothing less than Occupy, one of the most prestigious series the country has had so far. Produced by Marcelo Tinelli and Sebastián Ortega, came to the screen of channel 7 in 2000. The fiction directed by Bruno Stagnaro It was a great success that presented a social reality that until then was hidden on TV.

The program follows the misadventures of a middle-class boy who takes refuge in an empty house and meets a group of young people with whom they will live different marginal situations. The revival on the platform implies a new opportunity for fans of that time to see it again, but also a chance for generations of younger people they know.

This great fiction that lives up to The Simulators, Brothers and Detectives, both created by the Oscar nominee Damien Szifrón, Y The Marginal. Therefore, here we bring you some 5 very good reasons why Occupy will become your favorite series and you will not be able to stop seeing it.

Netflix presents Okupas 20 years after the original premiere

5. Multipremiada

The fiction that was re-released twice in Argentina, in 2002 by América and 2005 by Channel 9, won the Martin Fierro a Best Unit and / or Miniseries, Best Director Y Revelation Actor in order to Diego Alonso Gomez that gave life to the character The chicken.

4. A new and indispensable soundtrack

Problems copyright prevent the renowned streaming platform from presenting the show with original music, which includes the iconic band The Doors and musicians of the stature of Jimi Hendrix Y Bob Marley. Stagnaro summoned Argentine musicians for the task and ended up selecting Santiago Barrionuevo, leader of He Killed a Motorized Police.

Rodrigo de la Serna is one of the protagonists of Okupas (Photo: IMDb)

3. Address complex social issues

Occupy It deals with very diverse and necessary topics that range from violence, crime, drugs and the relationship that the most marginalized sectors of society have with it. It is true that 20 years later, it can be said that the illegal occupation of properties continues to be an issue of interest for Latin American society, which experiences first-hand every day.

2. It is a celebration of friendship

Just as the classic movie was Stand By Me, based on a homonymous work by Stephen King, OccupyIn its own way, it is also a celebration of friendship. The relationship that the middle-class youth Richard Riganti, interpreted by Rodrigo de la Serna (known worldwide for being Palermo in The Money Heist), he maintains with his new acquaintances ends up transforming into an almost fraternal bond that moves. El Pollo (Diego Alonso Gómez), Walter (Ariel Staltari) and El Chiqui (Franco Tirri) They adopt this boy who comes from a privileged place and present him with a new reality.


Ricardo, El Pollo, Walter and El Chiqui. (Image: IMDB)

1. A quality cast

Much of the success of Occupy It is due to the masterful performances of the cast made up of Rodrigo de la Serna, Diego Alonso Gómez, Ariel Staltari and Franco Tirri. The actors present engaging performances that they convince the audience from the very first scene. The link with drugs and crime, marginalization and illegal occupation, are perfectly represented in this program that continues to be mandatory.

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