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5 Romantic Comedies on Netflix to Watch on the Weekend

This Saturday and Sunday, lovers of romantic comedies will be able to enjoy this selection of some of the highest-rated movies by Netflix users. The list includes five films for different ages, tastes and languages.

Imaginary love

This French-language Canadian film tells the story of a gay man and his best friend who fight to win over the same man. It is directed by Xavier Dolan and lasts 101 minutes. It has a soundtrack with several recognized songs and also won in 2010 at the Cannes Film Festival.

Kiki, love is made

Directed by Paco León, this Spanish film is a remake of the Australian “ The Little Death “. It shows five couples who meet in Madrid to spend the summer holidays, and how through sexuality they break some taboos. It is also available to rent on YouTube.

The kissing booth 2

” The Kissing Stand ” premiered its second part this year, and follows the love story between Elle and Noah, who are now in their final year of high school and, therefore, are preparing for university life. It lasts an hour and a half and is one of the most viewed Netflix movies of 2020.

The proposal

This film is already a classic of American romantic comedies. It tells how a famous editor is deported to Canada, but to avoid the situation, she pretends to be a partner of her hateful assistant, who puts some conditions on her. It can also be rented on YouTube.


The legendary 1978 musical starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John is still available on Netflix and is worth watching ad nauseam. It is a love story between a rebellious boy and a “good” girl who meet during the summer.

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