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5 series similar to Sex / Life that you should see now

With only one season of eight episodes, Sex/Life came to Netflix completely revolutionizing the platform. The series, which follows the life of Billie Connelly (Sarah Shahi) does not see sex as a taboo and, speaks, openly, about the sexual desires of this woman who is in her second puerperium and sees her present boring and without the satisfactions that she considers suitable for a marital life.

That is why, to calm her fantasies with her ex-boyfriend, Brad (Adam Demos), she decides to start a diary that, without noticing, seems to be an instructive one for her current husband, Cooper (Mike Vogel). So much so that, with the past haunting the protagonist and the present so boring, Sex/Life Follow this loving trio by being explicit in every detail.

However, the first edition is over and many fans are eager to know how the story of Billie and Brad will continue, who in the last episode have a romantic encounter. However, beyond the desire of the followers, there is still no news of a new season so, from Spoiler, we find five ideal series to calm anxiety.

5 series similar to Sex/Life:

1. A place to dream:

Although it is a completely romantic story, it has many things in common with Sex / Life. The protagonist, Mel, is a nurse who, in order to leave her past behind, decides to seek a new beginning in a rural town in northern California called Virgin River. Hiding his previous life from his current friends, he finds romance, but a dark drama threatens to emerge and ruin his life. Available on Netflix.

The protagonists of A Place to Dream. Photo: (Netflix)

2. Love:

This series follows the story of two young people who fall in love when they least expect it. Gus and Mickey seem to be single since they have two horrible relationships, but when they meet, their life changes forever and everything is pure spark. Available on Netflix

3. Dark Wish:

If you liked the sexual mysteries of Sex / Life, Dark Desire is the ideal series. This series follows the story of Alma, a young married woman who one day decides to spend a weekend away from home thus igniting her passion for someone else, although the fun may not last long. Available on Netflix.

4. The Affair:

It has the same intensity as Sex / Life when following the story of two love affairs in the main couples, which break two marriages. The psychological effects, the attractive loves and the forbidden ones are the key points of the success of this series. Available at Paramount +.

5. Elite:

Despite the fact that it is a series for teenagers, its intensity and sexual level fully coincide with Sex/Life. These young people, members of the most prestigious institute in Madrid, enjoy life when adults are not around and, although it has a charming romantic side, it also has its dark side.

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