5 series to watch on Netflix and get excited

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Netflix is the streaming platform par excellence and its catalog is full of proposals for all audiences. In that sense, the options are very varied and you can easily find something to enjoy. What are you looking for? Something to tear a little? The different alternatives within the offer of Netflix make the streaming giant a staunch ally if you want to get excited.

We prepare a list with five series that have the necessary seasonings to make your eyes moist. Even so that you have to use more than one disposable tissue. Getting excited is one of the most beautiful moments in life! Do not be afraid to cry a little and discover these stories that we propose to you in order that you feel empathy and identify with the characters of these five series.

+ Series to get excited

5. Displaced

It is a drama that tells the story of immigrants who arrive in Australia and how the lives of an escaped woman, a refugee without fear inside, a government official and a family man with problems intersect. They are all in a detention center in that country in Oceania. The raw and heartbreaking form of the story will surely thrill you on more than one occasion.

4. Lenox Hill

Lenox Hill is an Upper East Side hospital where we will meet four doctors who will share their views on their work, so admirable in a pandemic situation. There is also time to explore the personal lives of these characters. We will find out what they take home with them once their professional duties are over. Crying is a must!

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3. This is how they see us

Based on real events. A group of Harlem teens are charged in a homicide investigation simply because of their race and being in the wrong place. American justice will be tainted with prejudice and the class system will be put to the test in a case that aroused controversy and served to recognize the worst miseries of a system full of flaws.

2. Inconceivable

It is also about real events. A young woman denounces being raped at her home. Everything points to a false statement, but a couple of law enforcement officers will investigate and discover a pattern in similar attacks. Doesn’t the victim lie? The question will keep you on the edge until the end of the series. Emotional moments!

1. Away

Excitement within the framework of science fiction! Surely many will celebrate this mix. A space mission with the aim of tackling the mysteries of outer space is the excuse to get excited about Emma, ​​an astronaut who will get away from her loved ones on a long journey to the red planet: Mars. Exceptional performance by Hillary Swank in Away.


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