5 Sunglasses You Can Take From Hailey Bieber’s Wardrobe and Wear Yourself

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Hailey Bieber never fails to present an eye-catching ensemble. Her fashion-forward reputation comes from, of course, her impeccable selection of clothes. But her undeniable sense of style also extends to the subtle finishes that make her look perfect. Take, for instance, how many fans have coveted Hailey Bieber’s flawless skin and glowing complexion. She cultivates her appearance with a mixture of wellness products, beauty creams, and cosmetics—a collection she’s now happily sharing with her new brand, Rhode.

Then there’s Bieber’s sunglasses. To cap off her attire, Hailey Bieber is fond of donning designer shades that bring everything together for a refined overall aesthetic. Want to try it out? Here are five sunglasses you can take from Hailey Bieber’s wardrobe and wear yourself.

Ray-Ban’s Wayfarers

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These shades have been a Hailey Bieber classic since she was running around West Hollywood with chic pink hair. Bieber knows the versatility of her Wayfarers—she’s been photographed pairing them up with everything from all-black clothes and oversized overcoats to her signature elegant athleisure getups. The seamless cohesion isn’t only due to Bieber’s gorgeous genetics. These particular Ray-Ban sunglasses boast a timeless design that’s long been a symbol of self-expression. Because of their trapezoidal shape, the popular wayfarers look great with almost any face structure, including Bieber’s oval one. They’re available at all major retailers, including Target, so getting this Bieber staple for your wardrobe should be reasonably straightforward. Target Optical’s website even offers in-store pickups, free shipping, and returns for easier purchases.

Saint Laurent’s SL 462 Sulpice shades

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Hailey Bieber’s romance with her husband, pop sensation Justin Bieber, has long been catching headlines. When news erupted that the couple would attend the 2021 Met Gala, many were excited about how they’d coordinate their red-carpet appearance. The answer: matching black evening wear. Hailey Bieber also sunglasses as part of her exquisite look. These sunnies were Saint Laurent’s SL 462 Sulpice shades, perfectly emphasizing Hailey Bieber’s gracefulness under the flashing lights. The dark acetate frames had a delicate butterfly design that emphasized the symmetry of her features, with the slight flare underlining her face’s focal point. Want it for yourself? You’ll be happy to know that Amazon has it in stock. Add it to your cart, and you can leverage the retailer’s shipping options, including same-day delivery and extended free shipping.

Reality Eyewear’s X-ray Specs Eco

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To her fans’ delight, Beibler likes posting her looks on Instagram. One of her most memorable ones was her proudly adorning a retro style: flared pants, padded gray blazer, and rectangular Reality Eyewear’s X-ray Specs. The starkly shaped shades were the true crown of the outfit, complementing the entire ensemble with its thick white frames and dark lenses. Talk about a throwback! To purchase a pair, head over to Reality Eyewear’s website. You’ll get free shipping worldwide and the option for a 5-year warranty!

Balenciaga’s Neo Oval sunglasses

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Among the well-dressed, star-studded crowd of Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila party was Hailey Bieber, wearing a tie-front blazer dress, thigh-high stockings, and Balenciaga’s Neo Oval sunglasses. These round, rimless shades are minimalistic and sharp, featuring a fine brow bar instead of a bridge. It brought a stylish edge to her look—one that Bieber liked, considering she used the Balenciaga sunnies again in other revealing cut-out outfits. If you want these shades for yourself, be warned that they’re pricey! However, you may catch a deal at ModeSens, where you can compare prices from over 500 stores.

Linda Farrow x The Attico’s Marfa sunglasses

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What do you wear when asked to meet the French President? For Hailey Bieber, the answer is an ab-bearing dress and Linda Farrow x The Attico sunglasses. The shades’ angular silhouette and vibrant pattern greatly contrasted the soft neutrality of her form-fitting attire, allowing her to meet the head of state with unapologetic sophistication. You can buy these shades directly at the Linda Farrow website—and even use its virtual try-on feature to ensure you’ll be fashion-ready when wearing them.

Hailey Bieber has repeatedly proven herself a fashion icon and sunglasses queen. Use our tips to get a pair of her beautiful shades.

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